Thursday, September 27, 2007

Salford Tory Humbuggery: Did They really Blog That?

Goodness me, this is Tory humbuggery. The City of Salford is, as it goes, home to a predominantly white citizenry with the main communities within that represented on the Council. I'm not sure how many BME candidates were stood in the City of Salford by Tory and Lib Dem parties?

But in Manchester where there are far more BME communities represented Labour still has a way to go but - without falling for tokenism or communalism - has been doing better than other parties on both gender equality in terms of both candidates and councillors, and on different races being represented as candidates and councillors too.

Perhaps Iain Lindley could explain how the roster of 32 candidates put up (100% unsuccessfully!) by the Tories in Manchester this May was more representative than the 32 Labour candidates?

UPDATE: Cllr Lindley is carrying on a triangular conversation over at his blog. He says there were some BME candidates in Manchester last time. As far as I know there has never been a visible BME Tory councillor in Manchester, ever. And we all know about the parliamentary situation. Apart from the throwing stones from glass houses aspect of this and the lack of recognition that large incumbent groups are of course hardest to change, there is the implicit idea that ministerial Hazel Blears cannot give a challenge to all parties in local government - including her own. That's silly.

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