Sunday, September 02, 2007

Skipper: Nine Out of Ten Fat Cats

Skipper says "please chaps, there are other mouths to feed" which is a long way short of saying a blunt NO to fat-cattery.

My own cats have never been fat. They stay lean by (a) surviving on healthy basic Table d'Hote provided and (b) supplementing basic rations exploiting ancient hunting rights. There's plenty to go at - huge rats, prodigious magpies and pestilent squirrels outdoors, with the occasional mousey or mothy snack indoors.

This is as it should be. Boardroom pay is scandalously disproportionate to "contribution". 83% tax rates (excluding NI) may not be the most diplomatic answer.

In fact the time for diplomacy is over. Something must be done. First click above top image to see how fat cats, imperialists and pesky human populations almost wiped out tigers. Now imagine the revenge.

Skipper caught Simon "mad dog" Jenkins after he'd been out in the noon day sun. The cat in this story had a tail over two feet long. But lean not fat.

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