Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Smear-aggeddon: The Very Sourest of Sour Grapes?

Blink's Lester Holloway has an even handed court report of the tribulations of Cllr Miranda Greer. Rather better than this partisan coverage I'd say. The latter gratuitously uses a picture of Ms Greer with Cherie Booth QC.

Bad, bad journalism.

We'll see how the case pans out. Accusers are it seems Lib Dem supporters even if one hilariously claims to have voted Labour. Where have I heard that before? Local poli blogger Andy Mayer (LD) is septical while rival Jon Worth (L) is sceptical.

Obviously the smearing experts at London Evening Standard (on the far right) are magnanimous and lovely.

Immediately transferring all those valuable derogatory headline rights to one of their favoured daughters.

Meanwhile another investigation may be on the horizon:

This thin blog (sorry Miranda, perhaps it's in a lull?) is revealed to be at 37 in Iain Dale's top-100.

64 bloggers are now demanding a recount and, in the case of the Lib Dems, considering legal action.


Jon Worth said...


I'm a bit confused... OK, I live in Southwark, but I'm not strictly speaking an opponent of Andy Mayer's. I generally steer clear of Southwark local politics in any case, as it's grimy and horrible - just in the same sort of way as things in Waltham Forest are far from sweet.

I've known Miranda for many years and I would be astounded if these claims stick - 2 of the 4 counts have been thrown out today in any case - see this from the Waltham Forest Guardian that explains it a bit more.

As for Iain Dale's list - my blog was number 10 in the Labour list last year, much to my surprise, so I'm not sure how much can be read into that.


Chris Paul said...

Hi John

Just meaning that you are a local political blogger "in the area" and playing for a rival team. Bwteen the Lib Dems and the Standard preaching on a so-called "gay smear" seems pretty rich.

Sorry for any embarrassment caused.

Best w

Chris P