Monday, September 10, 2007

Suz Blog: Calling on Lib Dem Whingers to Grow Up

What is Suz up to? Being rather kinder to Emily Thornbury MP than many of her miserable colleagues. ET's hubby has bought a house in a public auction. This was owned by a very successful Housing Association called Ujima who have 4,500 London homes.

This one may not have a great fit with their portfolio, or make more contribution sold. If you have a bit of land in the bank £572,000 can build a good few starter homes - perhaps replacing the other one 500% - and can upgrade even more.


Anonymous said...

Guess you better check out the Houwing Corporation site and search Inside Housing for mentions of "Ujima". And just for good luck check out the IWCA's Islington site which gives you the whole story.
The upshot is Ujima can't get any more money out of the HC because it is being run like a state department in downtown Lagos.

Chris Paul said...

The HC is being "run like a state department in downtown Lagos"? Or Ujima? If so is that perchance a racist slur?

Or do you in fact mean IWCA?

I'm not sure quite how much to care. I would not buy a further house myself. Gut reaction is buying off councils and social landlords generally is not good, particularly at an undervalue.

But unless ET or her hubby is actually responsible for Ujima's woes or the sale was corrupt or the money isn't going to support other building or refurbing work then the story is of limited interest.

Or do you think someone who buys an asset at market rate helping an org out of a hole, reading between your anonymous lines, are they responsible for the org being in that hole?

Suz's line is that the Lib Dems would do the same and are being complete and utter hypocrites.

That sounds about right whatever the detail. But thanks for the pointer. I will take a look.

Anonymous said...

You just quite manage it, can you?
You want to do it. The evidence is there. But you don't want to believe it. So I lay the trap and, as a good and useless wanker, you wave your todger, and jump. Evidence. Evidence. Evidence. It's all there. So over to you sunsince.
New fact. Ujima, a black housing association, acquired a terrace of properties as a gift from the council in 1988 (check Land Registry records). It has cleared out all its tenants - all six of them in the case of ET's property -because it's financially knackered as you will appreciate from the LC and IH sites.
Shithead ET - a Fabian idealogue, like you - stepped in an shafted her pals.
You guys have got no principles, no morality, no philosophy. Dumb ideas and opiates have made you complete shits.

Chris Paul said...

1. The contempt I feel for those who post anonymously and throw their weight about and swear gratuitously and make ad hominem attacks has been increased hugely by your lovely post. So well done for that.
2. It was already running high thanks to some lovely BNP communalists who have been here earlier. What good company you keep.
3. The politics of Islington is not actually top of my agenda. I have a life, things to get done, family and so on but as it goes while you were here writing this toss I was rooting over at your site about to follow up this story.
4. I am not going to bother now - there is plenty to consider other than your back yard 180 miles away. In the morning I may well remove the post.
5. I am not a Fabian idealogue. Not a member. Never bought the rag. Or a pamphlet. Perhaps one or two conference fringe meetings in my whole life. You shouldn't make assumptions like that.
6. As you have posted anonymously - though almost certainly from Islington IWCA where I notice there is no swearing and argey bargey but there is some kinda journalism on this story - you cannot remove this diatribe yourself.
7. If you put a comment here or email me I will remove it/them by request. Then and only then will I consider re-engaging with your problem. But really why should I?
8. "Dumb ideas and opiates" etc - what are you doing? Are you posting pissed and stoned or something?
9. Apology required or you stay in the same bin as the BNP. You are performing almost the saem trick as they are too as it goes.