Sunday, October 28, 2007

Anorak: On Guardian's Tread Lightly "Schoolchildren"

Anorak has had a tease around the Guardian's Tread Lightly initiative. This repeats what I think must be an urban myth about the Douai school rugby team starting the tradition of Swing low Sweet Chariot being England Rugby's anthem. That was apparently in 1988. Only a few days ago Marcel Proust Berlins claimed without the slightest logic or evidence that they were racist for doing so.

The Guardian "Tread Lightly" thing has apparently called these unlikely innovators "school children". From my experience of the more serious schools rugby players, and Douai as many other schools run by men in cassocks were serious, I think these cherubs were very probably hairy-arsed men. Schoolchildren? Racist schoolchildren? Give over.

But still the Guardian letters' page does not offer the expected relief.

PHEW WHAT A SCORCHER! 1414 Guardian readers have pledged as I write to save 1.54 tons of CO2. This we're told is equivalent to 901 average car journeys. Which makes me think they're treading lightly with their greening too. Today I fitted a 15V fluorescent tube in my porch light ... I haven't told the Guardian yet.

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