Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beppo Grillo: Prodi/Levi Tax Italian Blogs Off Net?

Beppe Grillo is a kind of Billy Connolly character. A beardy Italian comedian - perhaps the Italian comedian - with a revolutionary and libertarian outlook. And like Connolly he mostly works live in theatre and arena shows, with the odd one getting televised.

Beppe runs a tight ship at his popular blog with strict but voluntarily maintained protocols for comments:

Beppe Grillo's Blog is an open space for you to use so that we can come face to face directly. As your comment is published immediately, there's no time for filters to check it out. Thus the Blog's usefulness depends on your cooperation and it makes you the only ones responsible for the content and the resulting outcomes.

Information to be read before using Beppe Grillo's Blog

The following are not allowed:
1. messages without the email address of the sender
2. anonymous messages
3. advertising messages
4. messages containing offensive language
5. messages containing obscene language
6. messages with racist or sexist content
7. messages with content that constitutes a violation of Italian Law (incitement to commit a crime, to violence, libel etc.)

However, the owner of the Blog can delete messages at any moment and for any reason.
The owner of the Blog cannot be held responsible for any messages that may damage the rights of third parties Maximum comment length is 2,000 characters.
If you have any doubts read "How to use the blog".

But he is rightly outraged by a proposal to regulate, tax and burden bloggers. Few could survive. Beppo says he will move lock, stock and barrel if the law is passed.


Father Ted said...

Chris - seem to remember reading a much more interesting blog about this on another site much earlier today. Who was it? Er, er, it began with a D .... Dizzy? No, he's away. Um, was it Dane? Er, er, no.... it was Dale, I think!

Gosh, isn't he the one you are always trying to catch out? Beat you to it there, didn't he? Or, were you just trying to re-cycle someone else's work without acknowledgement? Bit of a naughty boy! A bit of fibbery, too, perhaps?

Confession on Saturday for you, my boy!

incompentencewatch said...

Yeah - and didn't David Cameron do a number on Brown today - for the third time in a row? The polls are already leaping ahead for the Conservatives.

What did for Brown today is that he said even more money is required for the NHS. No one believes that anymore.

Chris Paul said...

Er, this story was already four days old before er Dizzy Dale or whatever you call him got to it. He's the one that doesn't give proper hat tips remember ...

Irony, sweet, irony, and hook line and sinker. So bloody easy. Sweet.

Brown didn't do so bad. Stand up and yahboo is not his thing. So what? The country is not run on yahboo alone.

Let's imagine the scene:
"25 countries are not having plebiscites on this non-event in the life of the EU, and you know what people? You know what? Unlike the party opposite! Unlike the party opposite! We're going to have one here yahboo, suck on that McBroon chops!!"

30 seconds later:
"As you were! We're also not going to call an unnecessary and unpredictable referendum on straight bananas and grocers' apostrophes. Yah yah boo. Suck on that big boy."

Miles said...

Leave it.
He's not worth it.

Father Ted said...

My son, you should not get so wound up by your fellow choir boys taunting you about your little hobby. It's good for a boy to have an interest. But remember it can lead to blindness if you continue to be so obsessed by 'it'.

It won't get any bigger if you keep playing with it.