Saturday, October 13, 2007

BNP: Know Them by the Nazi Company They Keep

Above we have the convicted criminal Mr Nick Griffin (hate literature), leader of the BNP, the convicted criminal Mr Marc Abramsson (ABH and rioting), leader of the Swedish ND, and "Buff" Hoon's new friend and non-criminal Sadie Graham (Photo: Goteborg, April 2006).

This is an extract from the Nationaldemokraterna Wiki.


The party describes its ideology as nationalist ("national democratic") and ethnopluralist. A broad outline of the party program:

* Defend Sweden by creating an ethnically white people. Non-white immigration should be stopped so that coloreds don't assimilate into the Swedish population. Cultural assimilation is by ND considered highly problematic and one of the main reasons behind high crime rates, poverty and declining moral values.
* The culture should be traditionally Swedish; thus, the National Democrats advocates a ban on mosques and "unhealthy artworks and buildings".
* No foreign institutions or companies should be able to own media.

ND also says that they want to "strengthen democracy" by limiting the right to vote. They say the most important requirement to be able to vote is to have a general knowledge of politics.



The party holds that parents should maintain "healthy family ideals" and the nuclear family should be preserved. No "perverted" family forms should be allowed, for instance legalised homosexual relations. Homosexuality is generally accepted in Swedish society.

Prominent members of ND and its youth organization NDU were involved in a violent protest against participants of the Stockholm Pride parade in the summer of 2003 which resulted in a severe beating of one man and brief panic among parade participants. A number of NDU members, including the chairman of NDU, Marc Abrahamsson and ND's candidate for the EU parliament elections in 2004, John Andersson, were indicted for battery and rioting and were later convicted of it.


Campaigns and political ties

Campaigning before the 2004 European Parliament election, Nick Griffin of the British National Party visited Sweden and the National Democrats to give the party his endorsement.

A very popular and reoccurring part of ND campaigns target an alleged over-representation of immigrant groups in crime statistics with strong focus on sex crimes.

ND has also participated in several of the annual "Salem Marches" together with openly national socialist (NAZI) organizations such as the National Socialist Front, the Swedish Resistance Movement and Blood & Honour. ND has also participated with these organizations in annual marches honoring King Charles XII of Sweden on November 30 and a march in memory of the bombing of Dresden in World War II.

Their own English language description is all flat pack furniture and lingonberries. Happily they got only about 3,000 votes (0.06%) nationally in Sweden last time out.

But they march goosestep by goosestep with jack-booted Nazis. And Nick Griffin, Buff Hoon's new friend Sadie Graham and the BNP march with them.

Once again the answer to Mike Ion's question about Buff shaking this Sadie's hand is ... STILL NO.

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