Monday, October 15, 2007

Christie Hospital Hoax: Laughing Leech's Sock Puppet

It was a minute to midnight last night when LOL asked in passing: Ipsos MORI Poll: Will South Manchester Reject Leech? (Man Wit's Lib Dem MP, Maj c 650)

Inevitably the bold and brave "Anonymous" said in comments ...

Did the 60 doctors lie then Chris?
15 October, 2007 13:44

No dear sock puppet, in fact most of these Doctors didn't say anything, most if not all didn't fill in any petition, didn't sign any form letter, didn't stand outside the hospital with Save Our Hospital banners, and certainly didn't claim that the hospital, that any ward or facility, or that any service would close unless Cllr John "Hospital Hoax" Leech was elected as MP.

It was the Lib Dems that lied. It was the Lib Dems that invented this armageddon. It was also the Lib Dems that stuck leaflets into waiting rooms for seriously ill patients attending for chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

This sort of scandalous hoax must have had a very desperate effect on these people and their relatives and friends. One leaflet on the matter was so overboard that it was allegedly burnt instead of distributed. Goodness knows what that would have done to the campaign overspending.

And of course it is the Lib Dems that have continued to lie about an imaginary threat. Rather than owning up to incompetence and/or irresponsibility there is no end to the dissembling and post-rationalisations.

Even the least reasonable and most irresponsible of the Doctors - Dr Don Quixote and Dr Cap'n Ahab was it? - were simply taking a negotiating position in the course of a routine options appraisal and consultation.

The time is long overdue for John Leech to make a grovelling apology for this scurrilous campaign. He should hang his head in shame at this appalling prevarication. It will continue to haunt him until he does so.

Instead he is digging himself ever deeper. Sticking out leaflets with lots of health and cancer dog whistles in the run up to an expected election - as he has just done - seems to be classic over-compensation, betraying a deep and enduring guilt.

Being brought up in the manse John boy was surely brought up to know the difference between truth and untruth? Sadly he seems to have put every scrap of that moral education behind him.


Anonymous said...

John's sense of morality is all over the place. All sorts of things are immoral. But winding up dying cancer patients with Lib Dem lies is apparently OK.

Anonymous said...

He has of course reprised his finest hour with the Southern cemetery is going to close and bereaved families are going to fall down the open graves of their loved ones that the demon Labour council have left open in pursuit of their neverending cuts"

This was of course complete nonsense and a disgusting use of recently bereaved families to promote his ever more desperate attempts to keep his nose in the westminster trough.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks both

Manchester Labour must come up with a strong plan to winkle Leech out. He won't go quietly.
One idea would be to have every citizen go and watch him in action at Council.

On Wednesday his performance there - incidentally trying to claim moral high ground - was probably the worst of all who spoke. And he's supposed to be representing 100,000 Mancs in parliament? Ridiculous.

When Ankers, Grant, Shannon and that physics lecturer from Didsbury are on display that really is saying something.

If there had been a Martian in the public gallery let in on the secret that there was a British MP on the floor of the chamber they'd have guessed ten other names before settling on the glum one.

Anonymous said...

I agree. He's piss poor. Embarrassing really. He can barely string two words together. Talk about out of his depth. It is common knowledge in westminster that he is the runt of the litter i.e. the worst of the last intake of MP's (on all side). Other MP's openly joke about him , even ones of his own party. Even his leadership in Manchester think he's a dud. They like his (our?!) money though.

Anonymous said...

He was only there making his tragically bad speech - building something small into the moral dilemma of the century - by missing the most serious PMQs of the last decade.

There should be a law against claiming to represent constituents at two levels ... and particularly against taking two lots of pay.

Anonymous said...

He is a charlatan and not in a good way like Tim Burgess.