Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cross Town Traffic: Every Day is Coleman Fool's Day

Good to hear that Tory GLA nincompoop, inveterate taxi hirer, ligger and police informant Brian Coleman has become a strange bedfellow of George Galloway in slagging off Crossrail.

Coleman's regular everyday lunacy is demonstrated frequently. Another day, another dopey pronouncement.

A proposal to build a multi-story car park on Potters Fields a particularly good example. Park and ride in Southwark for city boys anyone? Ride in a GLA account taxi, naturally. Coleman ran the meter to £10,000 as GLA chair, claiming it was OK as he went to 169 ligs during the year. Just under £60 per shindig. Goodness knows how much carbon puffed into Londoners' lungs. The other 24 members of the GLA (real link) only just managed to match him ... between the lot of them.

Not a man to be advising New Statesman readers on strategic public transport matters I'd have thought?

PHOTO: Sadly couldn't find a picture of Coleman helping with a cycling launch. So that's in fact Konnie Huq (top).

Disclaimer: Photo taken without permission of the Biased BBC. BC is pictured far right. Amazingly sleek considering liggage and reliance on cab-age.

Hat tip re Crossrail: Luke "he's anti-voting" Akehurst.

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