Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dale: Suggesting Scottishness = "Pathetic Smear"

Blogger David Lindsay, who is in the process of forming a new party to break the mould etc etc, has ceremoniously removed Iain Dale from his blogroll. This follows a spat over the Scottishness of Dave-id Cameron who maintains homes on his ancestral trampling ground of the Isle of Jura as well as in London and in his Witney constituency.

Mr Dale apparently described the mere suggestion of Cameron's Scottishness as "a pathetic smear" which seems like backhanded racism.

"Iain" as in Iain Dale is clearly either Scottish or an affectation and nod to the shortbread tartan clans. Can you get more Scottish than Kelvin MacKenzie? asked someone referring to the Scots baiting racist Sun columnist. Well yes, Kelvin Calder MacKenzie would be one way to do it. Wouldn't it?

Iain Campbell Dale would be another. And David William Donald Cameron ain't bad for a Slough Comp cockney made good.


Iain Dale said...

WTF are you on about? The pathetic smear was Lindsay on Cameron. Even you can see that, surely. I havent got an anti Scottish bone inmy body. I am a quarter Scottish for Christ sake!

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that the venerable Mr Dale has even deigned to respond to your addled so-called blog. It's still as vacuous as ever.

Chris Paul said...

Oh Iain

Lindsay is part Scottish definitely, Cameron is part Scottish apparently, Dale is part Scottish definitely, er MacKenzie is part Scottish very likely - much as he protests too much.

So why on earth is calling Cameron Scottish a "pathetic smear"?

You seem to run a lot of routine anti-Scottishisms for someone so comfortable and down with the clans. Quite a few even today.

And vacuous anonymous let's compare blogs, where is yours exactly?

Are you ever going to progress beyond what the blessed Iain might call "pathetic smears"?

Iain Dale said...

You really have lost it, haven't you?

David Lindsay said...

All I did was point out that Cameron's two family homes were in London and on the Isle of Jura, in the classic posh Scottish fashion. He probably wouldn't have a house in Witney if he weren't the MP there. Many, possibly most, MPs are in much that position.

Cameron is a posh Scot. So what? I am half Scots. Dale probably has a lot of it in him, what with his first and middle names. Mackenzie must have. I ask again, so what?

But if the Tories want to sell themselves as an English Nationalist party in an explicitly anti-Scottish way (not the only possible ay of doing so, though by far the cheapest in every sense), then they really had better stop and think. There are no more pure Englishmen than there are pure Scots. Which is to say, none at all.

Chris Paul said...

Two comments from Mr Dale? On this humble blog. And it's me that is supposed to be obsessed?