Monday, October 22, 2007

Dale's Diary: One of the Emptiest Days on Record

What a series of non stories Mr Dale has today. Day eight (33 to go) of a dire Aussie campaign diary. Some tosh about Chris Huhne and drugs. A link to Guido stating the obvious about the Indy that we had yesterday and on which Mr Dale had already snaffled The Spectator's traffic.

Some twaddle about schools with the unjustified pay off "Typical socialist economics of the mad house". Pompous self-serving twaddle about a slip of the tongue in the Lords being corrected - unlike his own frequent errors - as if at his own right royal command. Repetitive tosh about the Treaty.

Some ignorant tosh and twaddle about anonymous comments and libel. Where he seems to applaud football clubs and their legal eagles doing a bit of a Usmanov.

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