Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Exclusive: And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda ...

Brenda: Well, that seemed to go quite well really, quite polite for a dictator, and he did not notice did he?
Jackie: Great idea Bren, I mean I thought it was bloody hilarious Bren Ma'am, can't keep this silly grin off my face
Kim: I'm hiding, because no-one at all knows who I am
Gordon: No Ma'am he simply did not have a clue! (Puts on Deep Voice) "I - am - your - father!" Ha ha ha.
Brenda: Hope some blogger doesn't mix up the timeline

And the band played ... what exactly?

You may be able to check on this BBC player or remind yourself at this YouTube clip or perhaps better still at this one. But I'd not go showing that nice King Abdullah this one in a hurry.


Barnacle Bill said...

They should have played the Banana Boat song.
After all ZanNulabour have nearly turned this country into a banana republic!

Chris Paul said...

A slightly predictable call for self deprecation from the barnacled one.

But that might have been misinterpreted and considered a bit unstatesmanlike by the visiting despot. Personally I prefer the despot deprecation as skillfully arranged by Brenda in this case.