Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Farhat Khan 4-Star Refugee: Buerk's The Choice

Our friend Farhat Khan who recently secured refugee status with her young children after a seven year struggle is speaking with Michael Buerk on The Choice on Radio 4 Tuesday 2 October 2007 9:00-9:30 (Radio 4 FM) and Repeated: Tuesday 2 October 2007 21:30-21:58 (Radio 4 FM).

This comes highly recommended. Particularly as Mrs Claus forced Buerk to record the programme in Manchester, where she lives and he started, even though he claims to be a bit of a Manchester-phobic. Well done Farhat. Buerk should move his whole operation here. In fact his crew ARE in Manchester and usually he makes them all travel every week to London. Not good carbon-wise Mr Buerk.

Double hats off by the way to Farhat as she was in London anyway the day before the R4 recording.

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