Sunday, October 07, 2007

Giving Out Secret Sources: Dale as Bad as Fawkes?

Adam Boulton has hated Gordon Brown since G's tailor completely stitched up his A's avatar's shirt collar.

First we had Guido Fawkes blabbing his sources live on Newsnight. Now Iain Dale is at it too.

Don't you think Sky TV Political Editor Adam Boulton thought that that conversation would remain off the record Iain?

And if Brown is second rate - as Boulton opined to you in a private moment - where does that put Gid the Fib and Dave the Memory Man?

Now, there's shoddy for you.

Didn't think Brown would call an autumn election even when all the preparations were being leaked. I have always insisted that June 2009 is the time to go with May 2008 unsatisfactory but better than Autumn 2007.

I've lost count of how many times I've given that firm view here and in comments elsewhere. Meanwhile incidentally Dale has been persistently dead wrong.

I even wondered whether this was a sting operation to drive out some thin Tory policy and waste some Tory money too. But actually Gordon is too serious for that.

The story here though is that Tories have mounted a gargantuan effort to stop an election in which Gordon could have mortally wounded the blue cause.

Somehow or other Gid the Fib has been believed and Dave the burlesque Memory Man has impressed with 67 minutes of feelgood quackery.

Perhaps Iain Dale has checked with Adam Boulton before doing this but if not I suggest he goes and makes his peace right away.

Otherwise this delightful avatar provided by Norfolk Tories, after Iain turned a 500 vote marginal into a Lib Dem 5-figure landslide, will be doing the rounds of both constituency and media circles.

Mr Boulton is going to be struggling with doing his job professionally if his half arsed hotel bar rants get in the public domain like this.


Iain Dale said...

You really are losing it. I don't know wtf you are on about.

Your party is in meltdown and you come out with this trash. Do you really think anyone takes you seriously. Well do you?

Anonymous said...

dO ye Know I donna get this dale geezer. He spends nearly all his life waiting for a political misfortune to happen and then spends the rest of his life critising and passing opinions on them. If anybody responds he gets all uppety and has a ding dong back. Dale boy, you must learn that whales (minnows) that spout get shot at.
I laugh my socks off about him and his mate Crossley- they are so sweetly pompous, and naastty with it. If anybody has a crack at them they both scream Homophobia and unite like a shoal of fish.
But Dale and the former hapless tory candidate from cornwall are quite happy to have a go at anybody else. Most of us are not interested in Crossley personally, but
when his personal liFE impounds and affects others and the press write juicy stories about such goings on it is hard not to read the influential crap about a wannabe MP.

Anonymous said...

Aw diddums, does it really hurt so much Chris that your 'titan' leader has all the tactical nouse of Captain Mainwaring?

Brown and his advisors talked up the election, they cleared the ground, moved announcements forwards and refused to stop the media speculation.

Brown appeared in Iraq and got bitch-slapped in the press because they could no longer stomach the spin. Neither can the voters it seems either.

What did the Tories do? Guilty as charged for calling his bluff? Fast forwarding their policy announcement? Having policies that are popular with voters?

Voters? Remember them? Whilst Gordon and his Ministers have been preparing for an election, have they been serving the country or their own ends?

Voters want to be served by their leaders, not have self-serving leaders that couldn't give a toss about voters. So when the voters prefer a bit of Dave to Gordon, Brown's bottle disappears faster than a jet-powered milk float.

This was Gordon's strategy and it backfired. He can't MacCavity himself now. It was flawed, misjudged and it backfired big time.

As for the BBC announcement, it was cosy, patsy questions when it should have been a grilling. Murdoch is furious as are most of the newspapers and commentators.

Gordon's lost his reputation, the Tories are united and know now they can win.

Brilliant, truly breathtaking tactical decision-making.

The Sun says it all.

Gordon's bottled it.

Steve Horgan said...

This is your comment on the Labour's non-election disaster? God, you guys must be desparate.

Chris Paul said...

No Steve, this is my comment on Iain Dale grassing up Adam Boulton for being a petulant sulk when he doesn't get first dibs at the Brown Bottle story.

As bad as Guido dobbing in Robinson. But hey ho.

I have never thought it was a good idea to have an autumn election. And, what do I know?, but it seems to go without saying that the down side of setting the media hares running needs to be thought through and managed 100% well. It wasn't.

And I think that Gid the Fib and Memory Dave will find their respective popularity unravelling.

Obviously Iain some people do take what I write seriously - you are one of them. When I disagree with you I explain why I disagree. When I think you've got some facts wrong I explain what I think the real facts are.

But you just throw a hissy fit.

Anonymous said...

Chris, the only person who has attributed those comments to an individual - and I have no idea whether you are correct or not - is you, in this very post.

So you take an anonymous quote, attribute it to someone, and then accuse someone else of breaking confidence. That's really quite bizarre.

Chris Paul said...

Oh Iain (Lindley), how you underestimate me!

1. Iain (all Dale from now on) is a garrulous gossip and this particular cat has been out of the bag for quite a while now, but not published;
2. Iain himself cannot resist the juxtaposition to demonstrate his insiderness. AB is pissed off, ID has the story, rubs shoulders with him all the time, and you know what it links to that other story. Iain has let it be known that this was an Adam Boulton dining out story;
3. Iain has as usual responded with a hissy fit rather than anything as substantive as an argument;
4. Iain is not a journalist he is a very popular and prolific but at times exceedingly sloppy blogger. This mostly does not matter but this particular anecdote undermines a real journalist's ability to operate, so it does matter;
5. Guido did the same sort of thing.

If either Iain or Adam sends me a statement saying that the anecdote DOES NOT relate to a conversation between them I will report that or they can comment here.

Meanwhile today Mr Dale has asked me to help him by deleting some comments here he doesn't like and although I don't usually do that I have helped him out.

This contrasts with his failure to do likewise in a timely way when I have been attacked at his blog, to correct factual mistakes he has made himself, and with his bizarre name dropping for me which wouldn't be so bad if he gave links.

This is not "quite bizarre", this is going the extra mile to tell things how they are.

susan press said...

No, Chris. The story is that Gordon totally over-estimated his appeal, believed his courtiers, then realised he could be out on his arse.His spinning and manipulating has landed him in deep trouble and , guess what, I have nil sympathy whatsoever. The public quite rightly are sick of Gordon's games.....

Chris Paul said...

Hello Susan. You can tell whatever stories you like on your blog. This story on my blog IS about Iain Dale joining Guido Fawkes in the school of dobbing in their sources. We'll have to wait and see how the other thing pans out. A week is still a long time in politics this week as it was last week and the week before. Meanwhile Donal Blaney's wise advise should be observed by sensible conservatives. It remains the case IMO that Osborne's blandishments are either incompetently calculated or down right fibs. And that Memory man Dave's party trick will not stand the test of time. Best w Chris P

Anonymous said...

Chris - Please do return my calls. It does appear that you're refusal to take your medication is having an affect on your sanity. Even I am having difficulties understanding your ramblings.