Sunday, October 07, 2007

Howard and Kellner: Extraordinary Times for Polls

Anthony Howard was very interesting on BBC 24 this evening. He was convinced that the Inheritance Tax announcement (Hoax. Ed) perpetrated by Gideon Osborne was of more importance to the change in the weather poll-wise than Dave-id Cameron's Memory Man act.

He thought Gordon hadn't done much wrong to end up in this pickle and that Ming had also been solid but was set to lose out on the extended General Election timetable. As a party reaching out to seniors dumps on their own.

Mr Kellner, founder of YouGov, said he had "not seen anything like this since the Falklands War". The methodology and panel scrutiny of the pollsters could and should be examined. Errors and manipulations here might be more of a factor than the underlying feeling in the country.

As a member of YouGov's pool myself and with some understanding of survey methods I can vouch for their using some unusual formulations, possibly depending on who's paying.

Grant 1234 Schapps (Tory ICT/manipulation expert) didn't come to the 'phone.

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