Saturday, October 06, 2007

Iain Dale is Hurting: No Snap Election and NOT NOT Announced First on 18 Doughty Street

Mr Iain Dale is being particularly silly at the moment. He is repeatedly including my name in his posts, pointedly without a link. Flattering? Or creepy? Nah, I don't think so. Sorry Iain. Just snide. Go and pick on someone your own size.

But here's the latest example to show there's no reciprocation of his silly game. Apart from snide name dropping Iain is reporting a falling out among media outlets as to where Gordon Brown should NOT announce something.

NOT announce it on the BBC? NOT announce it on SKY? NOT announce it on ITV? Or NOT announce it in parliament? I can't see how it matters where you don't announce something. Or the order in which you don't announce that thing.

It's June 2009 Iain. Haven't I let you in on that before?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Brown is a bully. He undermined Tony Blair, he crushed opposition in the Labour party, but now he has found the Conservative party willing to give him a proper fight he has backed down.

All mouth - no trousers.

Bob Piper said...

Chris, if you read through Iain Dale's posts since Brown became leader you will find a man who has been wrongly predicting an autumn election from the outset. He's deeply embarrassed to be so completely wrong and like the MSM journos he's trying to cover up his cock up by declaring Brown was scared of the Tories.

Also, he's covered all the bases. If Brown went for an election it was because he was scared about what was on the horizon (that looks a bit cretinous now) and if he didn't he was scared of the Tories.

With two and a half years to go Brown would have been raving mad to go to the country now. The electorate do not like PM's who make these things confidence motions. He's done the right thing, and when he does go in 18 months time all the garbage being written by pundits with their fingers burnt will have long since been forgotten.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Bob

Some insightful analysis. I'm pretty chuffed to have called this all along for June 2009. But I must confess a bit baffled at how loopy the polls have gone anyway. I suspect Schapps has had a load of sleepers* on polling panels that have sprung to life!

Best w
Chris P

* Which is either humourous parody or hitting the nail on the head.

How do Tories go from 10% down to being ahead in a week with a crappy tax hoax followed by "memory man" Cameron delivering a fairly jumbled stream of consciousness?

Iain Dale said...

Chris, would you mind deleting that first comment. It is homophobic and deeply offensive. Ashley Crossley is one of my best friends.

Bob, indeed I have been predicting an autumn election all along, and you and I both know that Gordon Brown was just itching to call one. And if we hadn;t got our act together last week, he would have done just that.

Anonymous said...
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jailhouselawyer said...

anonymous: "I do know that Ashley Crossley is the most obnoxious, untruthful, hypocritical, disloyal, self-obsessed, self-serving, vain, devious creature ever to be on a candidate's list of any political party". Save for Iain Dale of course.

Chris: At least he talks to you. I think he has given up on me.

Chris Paul said...

Right Iain ... I have just logged on and in response to your request I have removed both of the posts that now relate to it.

I don't normally remove posts even from fascist nut jobs so this is pretty exceptional.

I note however that:

1. You don't police your own comments on me or respond when deletion is requested;

2. You don't apologise or correct erroneous refernces on the face of your blog to me, for example when you stated I had not covered the Miranda Grell verdict when I had done so 13 hours earlier. I found the verdict less than satisfactory - because I had an eye witness account of what the judge said - but I did cover it. And ...

3. You are currently running a very silly campaign of jeering.

I don't think one has to be a lawyer to decide whether something is homophobic and I'm not sure one out gay man (I'm guessing) calling another out gay man by a vernacular expression is or is not homophobia but I am accepting your request.

I may blog about this later. Sorry I didn't get to the computer earlier.

Chris Paul said...

Just to be clear Iain Dale was not the subject of the vernacular expression I have now removed. JH comment appeared after I did the deleting and refers to part of the second deleted post.