Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Iain Dale's Diary: All a Pathetic Yah Boo Hoax?

Iain Dale got a bit of a flea in his ear for appearing to suggest on tuesday that today would have been election day. Here. He also claimed that the Tory's ever so clever poster would be all over the regional newspapers and on poster vans and the like.

But has anyone seen an example in the wild? Or was this actually just (a) pathetic yah boo and (b) a hoax to boot? There is certainly no such advert in my regional evening paper.

I still think Dave-id's witty vision of a "one-legged Lithuanian lesbian" dance troupe having their Arts Council Grants cut would have been even more popular.

UPDATE: A 'letter from home' arrives, in young Dale's own hand-writing. Says he didn't get his days wrong. "Diddums" as He might say.


Anonymous said...

That turnip actually looks like Dale though doesn't it ...

Anonymous said...

If you and the other silly trolls re-read Dales second attempt at his post you'll have realised that he said that the ads would be published on the "eve" of what would have been the election date.

You really must try harder!

Chris Paul said...

No anonymous. Dale has actually been getting his days mixed up. Whatever he did in his "second attempt" on this particular post. He even did it again last night in his today has been cancelled post.

As the bright star at the centre of the political blogging solar system, around whom all other bloggers orbit, and to whom we must by law bow down in awe and wonder, it is the increasingly error-prone Dale that must try harder.

This is and was fair comment.

Chris Paul said...

PS where were the blooming posters and adverts anyway?