Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lewis Hamilton: What an Extraordinary Race in Sao Paulo

Second on the grid. Back to fourth after turn one. Seventh or eighth after turn three. Down to 18th following a strange mechanical interruption. And battled back to eighth and only around ten seconds off where he needs to be to win the championships. Another pit stop. Fourteen laps to work a miracle.

Can't help thinking Alonso is to blame for all this. We'll probably find out in the fullness of time that he picked Hamilton the rookie as his team mate thinking it would give him a clear run. How wrong can you be?

Hamilton has just set a fastest lap. But he's still in eighth. Needs to be fifth. F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone gave an interview saying he wanted Alonso to win the championship. But that's not about to happen either. Alonso is a complete and utter disgrace.

Hamilton up to seventh. Seven laps to go. He is unlikely to gain another place on the track. But it is not unlikely that one or other of the six in front of him will retire over mechanicals. In which case HE WILL STILL WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

But no-one does falter. Raikkonen it is. For Finland and Ferrari.


Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown as the lying Head Of State jinxed them. Man he is a Loser!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Sean! Right on! Brown buggers anything he touches. At least Harold Wilson won the football world cup and the Eurovision song contest!

Chris Paul said...

Well at least you're blaming a Scot rather than that arse Alonso or the cheating antics of BMW and Williams or FIFA for not docking Ferrari points when they cheated in the first race, or anything else you might have picked.

But it is not true that the comedian Les Dennis was thinking of Gordon when he made his mistake in China or that Lewis was when he got thoroughly out driven in the first five seconds of the race.

Anonymous said...

I would rather boil my head than watch the motor racing.