Thursday, October 25, 2007

Libdemologist Leadership: Leech Cards Close to Chest

Apparently half a dozen nine of the most prominent Libdemologist MPs are not going to express a preference in the chalk cheese and cheese contest between the spaced out student pharmacologist Chris Huhne and the spaced out teenage twisted fire starter Nick Clegg for the leadership of the party.

This feeling of being too important to declare for either candidate cannot be what's stopping Cllr John Leech MP. Fresh from a hysterical and meaningless 10-second speech in the House he must be lying down in a darkened room, manically sharpening his little pencil and deciding how to spin this "trimuph" gloriously in his next press release and Hocus Pocus leaflet.

Or are we due another party political campaigning parliamentary report? No, that'll be in April bigging up a previously unheard of community activist or three at the tax payers' expense. Silly me.

In an exciting backstory John Leech pretended to be ultra loyal to Charles Kennedy while sticking in a word for Huhne Clegg. Then when the time came he backed Clegg Huhne. Now that they'll both outed as identikit economic liberals, coveted by the Conservative party, presumably lefty Leech will opt for fellow two-jobber Cllr John Hemming MP?

LIB DEM VOICE: How the MPs are lining up.
UPDATE from LIB DEM VOICE: Here, with Leech the last of the actively nominating Huhnites from last time to make their minds up. Perhaps Hemming is going to run after all?


Anonymous said...

Yeh, this is all very well, mate.

But don't worry about the Lib-Dems. What we all want to know is when are you going to stick the knife into Miranda Grel, that steaming pile of prejudice and mendacity in Leyton.

Her fellow party hack did the decent thing in court.

Why are you so protective of this wrong-un?

Chris Paul said...

Oh dear dear anonymous ... you're a one aren't you?

Coming here on a bloke's blog and making anonymous assertions. Why do you not have the bottle to own up to your name?

Why do you not have the bottle to link your comments back to your own identity and your own blog?

I will post about Miranda Grell, and about the odious Lib Dem occasional blogger Andy Mayer and his sock puppeting activities later.

(Not to mention other self aggrandising bloggers)

Meanwhile would you please have the bottle to identify yourself next time?

Please pretty please.

If you want to have other offences taken into account then please do 'fess up.

Are you one of the brave secret swearers?

One of the brave BNP fascists inciting violence?

One of those brave sock puppets of you know who's, or indeed you know who themselves?

One of those brave children who rings the bell and then runs away thinking they've not been spotted?

A sock puppet of no arguments, no imagination and no guts who louts, pouts and outs?

Anonymous said...

I can see I've got up your nose, as intended.
My identity is irrelevant. Play the ball not the man - I think that advice on the logic of argument goes right back to Plato.
I repeat, Ms Grel's party colleague did the decent thing. Ms Grel made appalling, spiteful, vindictive, and more importantly, illegal, statements about another individual. Why is it so difficult for you to accept the finding of the court.
Presumably, if Ms Grel had shown herself to be also an appalling racist by the logic of your defence you have mounted above - about as coherent as a fur-lined Durex - you would rush to her defence.
So I see. "Labour of Love" means if they're one of us then sod it: it doesn't matter what they get up to.
Sorry for taking your time. You've got some recruiting to do. Lots of rapists, paedophiles, wife-batterers, sadists, National Fronters, Gordon Brown ... So much to do, so little time.

Anonymous said...

The last poster is a loon Chris. "fur-lined Durex" !!??

"You've got some recruiting to do. Lots of rapists, paedophiles, wife-batterers, sadists, National Fronters, Gordon Brown ... So much to do, so little time.

What can this ill educated drivel possibly mean.

I am anonymous because I want to be. I suspect this person has to remain anonymous because he has a load of men in white coats on his tail.

Chris Paul said...

Play the ball, not the man. Brilliant advice from fascist nutjob sock puppet 15:23.

But seriously anon 16:20, while you may be correct about your fellow commenter ... can't you want to be yourself for a change?

Anonymous's are ten a penny. Surely you have a real identity we can come to love?

Anonymous said...

We're talking reality, right.
Poor old Mr Paul is a loyal party hack to a party that for about the past twenty years hasn't paid a blind bit of notice to anything or his mates have got to say.
"Go out and collect some memberships mate and pull in a few punters to vote. Now fuck off".
And yet he still carries the flame no matter how much brown stuff comes hot and steaming on his head.
Just who is the loon around here?
Now once again answer the question: when are you going to disown Miranda Grels who by her continuing support from among other Mr Paul believes she going to have it off because she probably knows it's now a party of dorks.

Anonymous said...

He has a point.

Why are refusing to state your position on Miranda Grels?

You've gone all around the houses not to answer the question?

Answer the issue.

Can you confirm you disapprove of what she got up to and that you would unreserverdly support her banishment from the Labour Party?

Anonymous said...

My position on the Grell case is this. If it is now illegal to go about promoting outlandish slurs the Lib Dems really are stuffed. No by election campaigns for a start.

Chris Paul said...

I'll stick something up, as I've said. I've had a busy day. It may be tomorrow now.

In essence I think that Miranda Grell has the right to appeal and that though she has admitted some unsound statements these are not enough to see her barred.

The rest of the accusations boil down to she said / we said. The rationale for the judge believing the "we" (i.e. some of the Lib Dem side) seems perverse to me particularly given their personal track records of wrong doing.

The decision at this level is not that helpful in seeing where the line is and as this is a first prosecution the appeal process could help clarify and calibrate the law.

It goes without saying that the Lib Dem blogger who has bought up the google search "Miranda Grell" is no great shakes. Bit creepy that don't you think? Not that I want to start smearing him. The fact he has deliberately linked to to my last post on the matter but two seems to demonstrate how very snide he is.

Been front page news all day at Dale's also. But sadly not much traffic from that. Apart from the sock puppet loons in the menagerie.

Anonymous said...

Nah, we're talking slurs and slurs.
Degrees rather than differences. Wot Grels did was pushed her so far along degrees as to make a real difference.
Most Lib-Dems, canny little bastards that they are, know where the line is.
We're back to Grels and our little labour blogger. Come out, come out, wherever you are.
You've still got to answer the question. Bejesus, we'll be wheeling out the thumbscrews next to get Paul to own up.

Anonymous said...

Ah hah. Shifted you.
Our boy Paul has made a vital admission. There are issues to be addressed. Questions to be answered.
The Grel question is at the heart of Paul think. It goes to the root of our boy's ideas.
This is soooo exciting. Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Come here anonymous. Take your medicine like a good little boy. Time for your sleep now. That's right. Take the cares of the day away.