Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Libdemologists: Particularly Stricken by Donkey Effect?

Dizzy says the future's not bright and the future's not yellow for those spectral Libdemologists. Definitely isn't yellow Dizzy? Aren't they going to remain all-things to all people cowardy custards then? Both front runners - Clegg and Huhne - are economically right-wing low-taxers and over-confident Westminster old boys. The Strummer and Macgowan of liberal politics.

One has his great greenhouse torching past to look forward to in blow by blow accounts. The other his multiple car ownership and vanity plate vs green posturing. Cable could well run I'd say. There is a head of steam behind a Kennedy re-tread. Hughes has said "no, nay, never" but he's a well known fibologist. And there's talk of a Kramer or Featherstone grrrl power run out.

That's seven names and all in the first 11 letters of the alphabet. Are Lib Dems particularly striken by the donkey effect? Campbell, Kennedy, Ashdown ... aaaaaargh! To paraphrase Galloway: "Donkeys, led by Donkeys."

POSTSCRIPT: Are we really supposed to believe Dizzy's view that a 20 ounces cache of cannabis would be treated as for personal use?

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