Sunday, October 07, 2007

Libdemologists: We Fibbed, We're Ashamed, Never Again

Lib Dems have been caught at it. Attributing their own quote to the local paper.

They fibbed. They say sorry and are to provide a written assurance that they WILL NOT FIB AGAIN.

Sadly this is in Watford not Manchester. But Ming should make an immediate National announcement that misrepresentations in Lib Dem leaflets are a thing of the past.

Perhaps even Cllr John "Hospital Hoax" Leech MP will get with the programme and (a) shamefully confess his sins; (b) seek forgiveness; and (c) promise to be Honest John from now on. Somehow I doubt it. He can't help himself.

GRAPHIC: Reconstruction of actual headline. HAT TIP: Tom Watson.

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ThunderDragon said...

Unfortunately all they have apologised for is mis-attributing the quote, rather than for the actual lie itself.

Watford is a three-way marginal - FACT - and the Lib Dems have been claiming the very opposite, by sending around leaflets and letters.

They have also only promised not to mis-attribute quotes, rather than to not lie at all. After all, if they didn't lie what could they actually say in their leaflets?

I have expanded on this here.