Thursday, October 11, 2007

Luke Akehurst: He's Bloody Brilliant! He Really Is!

Luke Akehurst is bloody brilliant! Don't get me wrong, I'm not approving of his take on things. It's just that he is so reliable in twisting the knife, extracting and reinserting the knife, finding a new knife and sticking that in, and blah de blah.

Tagged on the end of a sensible enough post about a recent Populus poll for The Times here he opines gratuitously and not at all gingerly:

One side issue - the last two weeks show conferences really are important in determining people's perceptions of the parties - even more reason why it was right to dump the annual contemporary resolutions slanging match.

Now the contemporary resolutions thing has fallen into disrepute in some ways with all sorts of dodginess being perpetrated by right-wingers, the stacked CAC (Conference Arrangements Committee) with their shenanigans, the flexibility of the definitions, the party staff, the MPs whipping delegates with untruths, the session Chairs picking on message "house" speakers and so on and so forth.

That much is true. But the replacement - a strengthened National Policy Forum - must be seen to be believed. That process too have never really been out of disrepute.

Luke's lot - the dirigiste, centriste, staliniste, topdown-iste, right-wing moderate-iste - have somehow got rid of contemporary resolutions. Time to stop harping on about them? NO! Just another twist or two for this sectarian monster.

Mr Akehurst has, consider commenters, undermined himself by showing a poll improvement even though we did have contemporary resolutions. Apparently that did not matter as there was no voting.

It is the voting that Luke is against! Which brings us back to where we started. Luke Akehurst is bloody brilliant!


jailhouselawyer said...

Do I get an invite to the wedding between yourself and Luke Akehurst?

Chris Paul said...

Wedding? I don't think so.

Luke Akehurst said...

I love you too. When can we meet up for a glass of claret and some foie gras?

Luke Akehurst said...
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Luke Akehurst said...

A glass?

Claret comes by the bottle.

Chris Paul said...

Claret can in fact be had in wine boxes and small barrels too I've heard? Delivered by Waitrose.

And foie gras by the still waddling crate load.

Anonymous said...

So you're saying that Luke Akehurst is bloody brilliant because he is so shit?