Monday, October 15, 2007

Tax Breaks: A Feckless Unmarried Dad Writes ...

The unmarried feminist Mr Luke Akehurst (right) has taken instructions and a swift kick to the head from Linda (far right) and gingerly announces: "Tax shouldn't be anything to do with relationships".

Sadly, whatever Andy Burnham or Luke Akehurst may say, a marriage confers substantial legal advantages on the parties entering into it. "Depends who you're married to" as the long suffering Mrs Love might say with a twinkle, before conceding with lurid examples from girlfriends XY and Z how not actually marrying bastards AB and C reduced their rights when they split.

Victoria Dutchman-Smith at the F-word mentions but skates over this lack of adequate legal status. Dame Butler-Sloss had a rant bigging up the institution to celebrate her retirement. Hazel Roberts solicits custom by rattling off a few of the problems with Pensions, PEPs, Inheritance and Family Homes for the unmarried.

Some but not all of these problems being soluble without matrimony.

The law is an ass. And in the interests of equality also a 'mare.


Luke Akehurst said...

I say, could you write more simply? I know this is something about me, but I can't work out what on earth you are saying. Have pity on us minor public school and Old Bristolians.

Chris Paul said...

I'm saying nothing about you Luke. Possibly suggesting that feminists like yourself may have been sold a bit of a pup in this anti-marriage line.

The links throw some light on things.

Might I say, while you're on, that your own site is the epitome of clarity, not.