Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mexico Exile Blog: Right Smear Right, Right Smear Left

A Mancunian in Mexico writes Exile Blog which provides an unusual combination of blog-ola, anti-imperialism and bad language. Mostly about the formerly celebrated blogger Oliver Kamm.

Recent posts include this link to Anti War who expose an attempt by the US Right to slander anti-war activists including the interesting character known as Congressman Ron Paul (Republican, Texas). Anti-war, conservative, libertarian, pro-life, pro-gun, small-state, no tax rises, anti-immigrant, anti-UN. Beloved of Stormfront (neo-Nazis) too.

Actually he is very much part of the US Right himself.

I've no idea whether there is any connection but the Conservative Home bubble Britain and America has run a story or two showing Americans who make George Galloway look reasonable, loveable or in their own word "moderate". Surely this is libel George? Go get 'em!

Unsurprisingly in five years of anti-war and anti-Bush demos in Cali-forn-i-ay there are a few issues.

Some offensive posters, a spot of nudity, some anti-zionist material that is arguably anti-semite and even a Bush or two burnt in effigy.

But can any of these really be compared for harm with America's military adventures? Bombs and planes break my bones but names can never hurt me?


The Exile said...

I have been wiping my arse on Ollie a fair bit this month, but the blog does not concentrate on short-arsed little fuckers.

He's just such a wazzock, that I couldn't resist it this month

Chris Paul said...

I'll have to take a look at his famous blog. It's not on my radar really. he is an anti-blogging blogger after all.

Anonymous said...

Some offensive posters, a spot of nudity," Nudity is not offensive
Nudity is God's gift to us.
If God had meant us not to be naked, he would have given us body hair like he gave monkeys or cats.

So there are more good nudist site available now. such as

Chris Paul said...

Er, and did I say nudity was offensive? I said only that there was a spot of it. Please go and post your site links to the righteous right and not to those calling their tossery to account.

If that link is porn friend ... consider yourself nuked.