Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Prize Devon Fudge: Buff Huhne is NOT a Unilateralist

Luke Akehurst suggests that Buff Huhne joined the SDP rather than sticking with Labour a lifetime ago because they were nuclear warheads. Therefore, suggests Luke, Mr Huhne may be a Libdemologist that is also an opportunist. Fancy that!

Then again he may not actually be a unilateralist at all. I'm certain he isn't. Huhne has not ruled out a different deterrent under the next Huhne government.

In fact on BBC News 24 in the early hours of 28 October 2007 this commenter caught Huhne calling for a continued deterrent, simply not launched from Trident submarines. The Observer published him at the same time calling for a "minimal deterrent" largely on cost grounds rather than principle.

Trident is famously awesomely expensive after all - far more so than other options. This is prize Devon fudge from this Lib Dem pretender. Hardly enough of a prize though to keep socialists and peaceniks in the Lib Dem tent. But enough perhaps to scare off the Tory horsies.


David Lindsay said...

Labour did not become unilateralist until two years and a General Election after the creation of the SDP.

Chris Paul said...

That's interesting. Huhne was clearly a prescient young comrade and not just looking for the main chance.

Luke Akehurst said...

What does "prescient" mean?