Thursday, October 11, 2007

Question Time: Mackenzie and Spelman, Yeuch

That's it. In the subject line. Hughes not much better.


Anonymous said...

So where have you been, Chris? Missed you over in the real world for the last couple of days or so.

No comments on PMQs on Wednesday - didn't you see it? Here's the link:

What do you think of "Dave-id" Cameron's performance?

Not been a good week or so for Brown, has it? Assumed you have some comments on that.

Then there was Question Time last night. Harriet was pretty ineffective wasn't she?

As for Iain Dale and Derek Draper on the BBC News 24 follow-up programme, you could have done a better job than Dolly, couldn't you?

But you seem to be more concerned with the big squabble over Marie Louise Gardens. Good for you.

Maybe you should stay local, Chris. That's where you'll make you're biggest contribution to civic life and make your most valuable contribution.

Anonymous said...

Thought Chuka Umunna was a total babe.

Chris Paul said...

Yep, Chuka Umunna is a total babe.

And yep, StWoS, from what I've seen of PMQs Dave-id Cameron was a complete and utter Flashman bully though of course I did already comment on that.

Are you not paying attention?

Harriet was 50% good. She blethered for ages and ages and ages on the second question.

But I stick with my headline MacKenzie and Spelman. Yeuch.

Didn't bother with QT follow up ... The Politics Show with Tony Blackburn was far more interesting.

And showed those appalling Flashman scenes over and over again. I'm not sure that Dave's same old same old nasty graceless Tories will not be the abiding memory of this PMQs?

Thanks for the advice on localism. Absolutely stunning insight. Thanks

This week Didsbury, next week Rochdale ... and Christies.

PS Not "you're", your ... is this grocer's thing your signature gaffe my friend?

jailhouselawyer said...

I watched almost all of this. However, it came across as an election special Question Time but as we know no General Election was called.

I agree that Chuka Umunna was good.

The LibDem in response to Dimbleby said Ming was safe. It's not what the papers are saying today. I wish I had saved the cartoon where Nick Clegg and the other leading contender were sharpening their long knives to stick into Ming. I can't see him staying for too much longer.