Friday, October 05, 2007

Same Old Tories: Nasty Messages from Juveniles

The ever so macho Iain Dale's Diary asks "Is This the Message the Tories Should be Pushing?"

Gordon Brown has a history of ducking out of big decisions, which is all the more ironic when you consider he has had ghosted for him written two books on the theme of courage. In 1978 he failed to challenge George Robertson for the Labour selection in a by election. In 1994 he let Tony Blair walk all over him. For ten years he failed to make Tony Blair stick to his promise to stand down in his favour, culminating in last September's abortive coup.

If Brown ducks out of calling an election on Tuesday are these type of posters (from the Conservatives should be using, or should they just let the media dump on Gordon and stay out of it themselves? I just so look forward to PMQs on Wednesday.

Yes please, yes please. Go on Iain, go on, go on. Please do use these disgusting, childish and superficial ideas.

Go further, much further than this. Let's have much more of this. And don't stop there. Some more hilarious Cyclops action should be your next move.

Dave-id Cameron has just completely wasted 67 minutes of blood, sweat and tears with his "unscripted" 67 minutes that he was trying to get under the hour or 50 minutes, pretending that there's some New Politics and Change from the Tories.

Throughout the speech his narrative was busted wide open time and time again. Live blogging the speech I noted two or three ideas each minute. The ones that got the applause were the good old fashioned nasty silly Tory dog whistles.

Yes please Iain. Tell the clever people at (that is the very mainstream, low deniability that they really must pursue this clever and useful campaign. And not take it all down before Labour folk have done the screen grabs. Are you lot ten year old twits, or what?

Surely this wrong man thing is just evidence if evidence were needed that the cuddly new Tories that Dave-id has promised are a complete illusion?

There is no need for an election now. But if you are not careful and continue with your triumphal and over egged nonsense you Tories will get exactly what you say you wish for.

Followed by a complete thumping powered by hateful nonsense like this.

(You could shut up and wait to be thumped in an election later.)

In these circumstances however I will not mind so much losing the house I've bet on a June 2009 election.


Anonymous said...

You are a very sad person - as I've told you many times. Don't waste your time. Try writing a book - I am sure Politicos would publish it.

tory boys never grow up said...

Yep they haven't really understood that negative campaigning only works with your own supporter - and that only positive campaigning changes peoples minds. Not a particularly smart move when you're in second place.

In fact, I think that the recent shift to negative campaigning by the Tories actually shows that they are trying to support their natural vote and have largely given up on the next election (should be next Autumn when Labour has had more time to get its positive ideas across - having been diverted from this task somewhat in recent times) - and of course it keeps all the zealots happy.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks both

The Tory position is incredibly thin despite the hype. No notes, no votes.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Home are saying that Cornwall could return FIVE TORY MPs out of the six seats at the direct expense of the Liberal Democrats, due to bad timing OF EVENTS. I wonder if Gordon has calculated these extra FIVE.

Stephen Newton said...

Iain Dale is desperate for an early election. As an A-lister, he's bound to be imposed on a constituency that has yet to select a candidate.

Last time around he took a Conservative / Lib Dem marginal (maj. 483) and made it a safe Lib Dem seat (maj. 10,606).

At the time he boasted of being 'the first openly gay Conservative to be selected as a Parliamentary candidate'.

You'd think Tory associations would be queueing around the block to make him their man.

Chris Paul said...

Brilliant observations Stephen, absolutely brilliant. I had not realised that Mr Dale's practical politics career was quite so bad.

Is there a vacancy looming at Rochester? Or have I misconstrued some of the banter?

Karen Bradley who famously lost buckets of Tory support in man Wit in 05 has been rewarded with a Tory seat, though not a safe one. In fact if she repeats her vote shedding at the same rate she'll lose it!!

Caroline Spelman told R5Live shortly before Cam's "unscripted" speech that they had well developed plans in place to get PPCs and when Dale didn't post for nearly 20 hours without explanation after Widdy's birthday he was rooting about in Kent.

The five seats for Cam - if true - in Cornwall make absolutely no effing difference to the overall majority Fred.

So I am not sure there's any reason for Gordon to give a monkeys about those. Clearly Cornwall would be sensible to start electing socialists but it probably isn't going to happen this time.

If the Lib Dems get tatered anywhere I'll not be shedding a tear. They are a right shower.

Anonymous said...

Chris the cornish seats would be Five Tory seats which the party hasnt got now.

Chris Paul said...

Yes Fred, I do understand that. But if we assume some of the immediate polling is barking mad I don't frankly care whether the Tories have 205 seats and the Libs 65 or the Tories 210 and the Libs 60.

Do you see?

Of course if the current barking polls reflect something deeper than some scam or accident or whimsy then it could matter.

Obviously politically I ought to prefer the Lib Dems as legacy of LP alma mater. But we left them because they were right wing out-for-themselves anti-worker bastards and in Cornwall this still goes for most of them.

At least with Tories - apart from some Tory Boy Bloggers - you know where you are.