Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tory Race Dog Whistle: Corrected by Estate Agent

On Sunday a chap called Damien Green who claims to be a Tory mimicster with the Immigration Portfolio chose to believe a barking mad finding in a report from Propertyfinder.com say the Daily Mirror. But this said NOT that migrants were to blame for rising house prices BUT that 20% of homeowners wrongly believed that to be the case. And 100% of Tory immigration spokespeople it seems.

These intelligent and not at all racist homeowners apparently believed controlling migrant numbers was the best way to reduce demand and dampen down escalating valuations.

In a bad Omen for the Tory myth that they are a cuddly and new party will all bets off on previous excesses the boy Damian claimed the poll endorsed his party's immigration proposals.

The ridiculous fool said: "The finding shows the need for an annual limit on migrants from outside the EU."

LOL say: "Er, no. The finding shows that dog whistling by The Mail, The Sun, The Tories, The BNP and very sadly also some idiots from the Labour Party may be stoking up ignorance and prejudice."

In a successful bid for online Estate Agents to leap frog Politicians and Journalists in the good sense and popularity stakes Propertyfinder.com boss Warren Bright said the research simply showed "a serious ignorance".

Low interest rates and planning laws - which should have been at or near the top - came bottom of the poll. Warren added that immigrants were "convenient scapegoats with little influence on the house market".

LOL also blame - in no particular order - buy to let, unregulated rents, lack of social house building, right to buy, huge but uneven excess wealth, and PBR driven stock transfer activities.


Stephen Newton said...

The idea that immigrants may be outbidding others in the housing market is obviously nonsense. If they were that wealthy why would they leave home to take the shit jobs in the UK?

Chris Paul said...

Indeed. The media - even the sensible media - needs to get a grip. Mayo had some Yorkshire fascist on mid afternoon yesterday making all kinds of unsupported allegations about Polish workers. 80% of them working illegally he said. All of these getting benefits he said. Waiting two years until they could get benefits he said in another place. And Sainsbury's sympathetic to them because they too were immigrants he said.

The BBC and everyone must stamp on these idiots. Mayo is not a journalist and so the researchers around him need to be a lot more careful who they allow on and what they let them say. But even proper journalists like Peter Allen get clobbered by BNP weaseltongues.