Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Uzbecki Oligarchiosi: Creosotemanov Still Bullocking

Obsolete has been keeping an eye on Alisher Usmanov (Parental Guidance, unless Schillings have perchance added a short word beginning in c to their name?). Apparently some disreputable publisher name of Murdoch is repeating some terrible allegations in one of his shoddy and obscure newspapers, in this case the drolly named The Sunday Times.

These involve Usmanov being involved in some crooked dealing.

Thankfully he has now signed up a spin doctor to supplement his lawyer C. Schillings who have already massively increased name recognition for the well-nourished crook, art lover and bully boy.

These indiscriminate PRs also do Northern Rock. Oh, and Mr Murdoch's B Sky B too.

Creosotemanov's thugs have recently been talking sternly to Indymedia.

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