Friday, October 26, 2007

Vice President Cheney: Hey Guys, Relax, Where's the Fire?

Vice President Cheney falls asleep on Bush's watch? Hey, kick off your shoes! Stop and smell the rose garden! Catch 40 winks during cabinet! Where's the fire?!

The remarkable thing is not some good old boy getting caught on video nodding off but that when the kindly camera pans away to spare his blushes it remains transparently obvious from the staring, nay eye-popping faces of Bush and their cabinet colleagues then he has not woken up and not smelt the coffee.

We had three old blokes nodding off in a Co-op Party area council earlier this month. No camera caught the inaction. But then again they weren't second in command of the Starship Earth. Probably just as well. Hat tip: Westmonster.


Westmonster said...

Heh, it did show impressive skills I thought.

Chris Paul said...

Indeedee. Good job Mr Cheney. Good job Sadie.

Anonymous said...

And Miranda Grel?

Chris Paul said...

Are you perchance obsessed anonymous?