Friday, October 19, 2007

Wilson Memorials: Living and Breathing in Manchester

Mark Garner of Manchester Confidential points out Wilson's living memorial. That is son Oliver and daughter Isabelle (right). The insane dear dog William, who took a goodly friendly enthusiastic tear into my favourite Donna Karan shirt as Wilson signed my election papers in 2006, represents that famous walk on the wild side. Not allowed into the Hilton.

Memorials meanwhile do flow. The first ever posthumous Freeman's Stone in the Ante Room to the Council Chamber, poor old Joseph Whitworth getting screwed as his Street becomes Wilson's Way (surely better wordage than what's on offer), a book what some people wrote in Salford. Still the "statue" proposition rumbles on. Still I don't think that's the way to go. Too STILL see?

Must admit though that I am more taken by New Order bassist Hooky's concept of a kind of Colossus of Roads towering over the Parkway than by the sort of hokey bronze inflicted on one of Wilson's great heroes, Alan Turing after he'd had his wicked Way. Which runs right through Fujitsu (ICL), Rolls Royce and Sports City.

Another living monument to Wilson lives and breathes this weekend in the form of In The City's annual bacchanalia. For the moment incidentally the event website does not seem to mention the great man. That may change.

I'd expect to see a transfer to Liverpool for 2008 as another event of International Importance for our sibling City's City of Culture effort. London have contributed the Turner Prize, and Manchester will presumably (exclusive scoop blogsclusive?) contribute In The City to add to the flagship MS Fitzcarraldo aka the Walk The Plank Ship welcomed from Salford a couple of years back by Ken Dodd himself.

MONTAGE: Colossus of Rhodes painting by M Larrinaga plus Parkway photo from Laivakoira Photo Blog.


rupahuq said...

Did you send up seeing the "Control" film? They made him look a bit of a wally and I had to do a double take as I thought it was Steve Coogan playing him.

Chris Paul said...

Hi Rupa Haven't seen Control as yet. But Wilson has had a great many moments being a bit of a wally as he would cheerfully admit. That was in many ways the beauty of Wilson. He has provided a legacy of mistake making and dusting self off and carrying on that is monumental. Best w Chris P