Tuesday, October 23, 2007

World Cup Rugby: Shameful Passing Off Scam

Oh dear, oh dear, oh Dale. Iain confesses to knowing or caring little about Rugby Union in his recent piece of advertorial. This is a remarkable attempt to cash in on the 2007 World Cup Final by selling signed caricatures of England's fly half Jonny Wilkinson.

There are a few problems with the art. The resemblance is only slight. JW is kicking with his right foot - not something he does much these days. The ball is not in frame. The kit is unrecognisable from Saturday's World Cup Final.

Turns out that blogger's blogger Iain Dale really is dredging the depths. He is party to a deception under which remaindered 2003 prints are sold at a supercharged £150 (inc VAT) as if they relate to Jonny's recent final appearance.

Oh dear oh dear oh Dale. Hat tip: Miles Barter.

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