Thursday, November 01, 2007

Alex Deane: Dale's Aussie Monkey

Landslides may follow as Howard's man Tory (Liberal) Health Minister:

- Tony Abbott publicly abused a dying man
- Tony Abbott turned up half an hour late to his own televised debate
- Tony Abbott audibly swore at his debate opponent
- Tony Abbott showed off red boxers and chest rug



Anonymous said...

Just a gratuitous comment to say what a precious little prat you are Chris. Most of the stuff you waste your sad little life on is ignored. Why do you bother?

Get a life before it's too late.

(Oh, and I'm not a drunken blogger - I am at work, having a break.)

Chris Paul said...

Well, "security guard", why do you bother coming here and reading this blog? Over and over and over and over and over again? And then repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat your over familiar but vacuous commentary?

Saying this blog is being ignored. Well, not by you it isn't. Priceless.

Danivon said...

I know someone who works in HR for a major security company. I do hope it's just your breaktime you are wasting, mr security guard - your employer and their customers would take a dim view of someone slacking.

What kind of loser has nothing better to do in a work break than spam a blog anyway?