Monday, November 12, 2007

Channel 4 Factcheck: Cameron 70% Mendacious on Rape

CAMERON DEBUNKED: HERE. David Cameron's claim today that Britain is worst nation in the European Union on rape convictions is given 3.5 out of a possible 5 for inaccuracy. While he did warn at one point that "we need to be careful with statistics" he clearly did not heed his own advice.

This debunking by the independent researchers at Channel 4 is not to say that the situation on rape case management, prosecution and conviction is acceptable. But neither is the David Cameron, George Osborne or Tories in general approach to arithmetic, statistics and propaganda.

MEANWHILE: In a reported rape case nearer to home from 2005 which did not go to trial LOL will repeat an enquiry made to the GMP Press Office. This was by both ourselves and by crack journalists at at least one local newspaper. That paper did recently report a tardy trial in another rape case. After more than six years had passed (clipping above).

We knew the name of the officer who interviewed the accused and the name of the accused's Mackenzie Friend too. Which the newspaper did not as far as we know. The newspaper got a firm denial that any interview had taken place. Was it a conversation then? Or giving a witness statement? So when do the police think it is OK to be disingenuous and evade a question like that?

C4N VOCABULARY: Jon "Malaprop" Snow appeared to invent two words during the course of an Interview with Sir Christopher Meyer. These were "aboded" meaning based and "cohesing" meaning joining with. Good work!

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