Friday, November 30, 2007

Dizzy Thinks: Boo To IT Security For HMRC?

Dizzy has spotted some openings for IT security experts, possibly at HMRC sites.

To be fair Dizzy this is more to do with hacking than slacking isn't it?

Might be more worrying if they were continuing with the usual security practice of jiffy bags and sellotape, or Brown Paper Parcels Wrapped Up With String? Carried, as Lord Hattersley pointed out, by privateers.


dizzy said...

Errr it's not to do with hacking at all. It's do to with security risk analysis. Most security experts are not hackers you know.

Chris Paul said...

Hacking being a risk?? More so in the normal course of events than parcel packing?

Anyway, I'd swear there'd be more of a story if govt weren't trying to get their IT right.

Heaven knows it's hard. Even private capitalists struggle with it.

Ted Foan said...
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dizzy said...

IT security is not just about stopping hacking you fool.