Friday, November 16, 2007

Due To Popular Demand: That Christie Hospital Hoaxer

Cllr John Leech MP (above) as originally stitched up photographed by the South Manchester Reporter. This delightful portrait, looking his best, has been added to the blog despite normal aesthetic standards by popular demand here.

NOTE ON COPYRIGHT: Miles Barter has been on moaning about copyright. This pic and others is used on this not-for-profit blog with whatever attribution is available. And a link. I don't have a budget to pay and nor is anyone making any cash from the use. But this helps the owner's business by driving traffic to their site and improving the performance of their click through and pay view adverts and so on. Clearly the photographer is not getting any extra payment for such use but gets a credit where known and a link to their business site if relevant.

If Miles wants to campaign in the area of bloggers and the MSM and copyright he might start by getting the MSM to pay story tips and the bigger bloggers - who do make money - to pay for leads, stories, quoted words and images generated by the rest of us.


Tameside Eye said...

Labour Denton West (Tameside) Councillor Andrew Gwynne and MP for Denton and Reddish has donated his councillor allowance to charity. What a good guy.

Why is there a lot of strawberry blonde Lib Dems? That John Leech looks a bit of a twat. How dare he use the good name of Christies to aid him in his election campaign. He ought to be ashamed of himself.

Miles said...

There are copyright laws you know.

Chris Paul said...


Are you the copyright owner for this item? Have you been asked to do something by the copyright owner? Or are you just being nasty? Again.

The source is credited and linked. The item can be removed on request by the owner(s).

But at the moment it is serving to drive business to the publisher's site, they may make money from that, and so they may well consider that a fair quid pro quo. Hopefully so. I would in their shoes.

The photographer would be credited by me too if GMG had credited them on their website.

This is a completely non commercial use but I realise that the photographer should get a credit and retains rights. If they get in touch I will credit them and link to their business site and so on. Or take the picture down if that is what they would actually prefer.

For the record I allow any and all graphics and copy I produce here to be used with attribution and without charge to other not-for-profit outlets. Some people ask and do give credit. Others don't and if I see them I ask them to give credit.

The sooner the NUJ get bloggers organised and paid e.g. tip fees when MSM pick up our work and make excess profits and fat salaries with it the better I'll like it.

In the meantime if you want to throw your weight around why not do it first where people are making substantial money out of blogs and not giving attributions and credits and the like?

Or start a campaign for MSM to pay bloggers for leads and tips as they should. One or two do on the QT.

But Dale, Fawkes etc - attack them first.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chris Paul said...

Normally I'd remove that sort of roughhouse language anonymous but in this case I'll leave it up until I get a complaint.

Yasmin Zalzala said...


I do not think that it is fair that The Cllr MP should be the only one being questioned over the Christie issue.

If I remember correctly, the leaflet 'save christie hospital' had with him Cllrs David Sandiford, Alison Firth, The Burnage guy (forgot his name) as well as Tina Maash the white person that the Liberal Democrats choose to replace me in old moat who was going to sweep the ward etc etc.

David Sandiford even saw fit to become her campaign agent and used his home as a campaign headquarters. Strange they still came second and Labour increased their majority/

On another subject, regarding the rough language, please remove the offensive language. You have had a complaint now.


Yasmin Zalzala said...

Chris Paul

Perhaps you could put up the 'save christie hospital' leaflet?

Chris Paul said...

Anonymous: Having had a complaint I have removed your harsh comment about Miles being utterly wrong in this case.

Anonymous said...

Loving the photo, loving the facebook story. Had to check that it wasn't actually my real birthday.


Chris Paul said...

Yasmin: Yes you are right. The following is a list of names of those that appeared on the photograph holding a banner saying:

Save Christie's (sic) with Fibby their logo and the words Liberal Democrats.

John Cameron (serious face) Burnage Cllr
Iain Donaldson (actually laughing) Burnage Cllr
Tony Bethell (smirking) Chorlton Park Cllr
Angela Gallagher (smiling) then Chorlton Cllr
David Sandiford (laughing) Didsbury Cllr
Norman Lewis (quite serious, but shameless) Chorlton Park Cllr
Alison Firth (big smile, laugh?) Didsbury Cllr
Tina Marsh (smiling) Old Moat candidate
Chas Glover (smirking) now Gorton South Cllr

Plus ring leader Cllr John Leech, then PPC. With a rare outing for his crooked teeth - suppressing laughter?

A considerable number of others are also implicated in the decision to make this an issue and in carrying out the distribution of leaflets.

They should all hang their heads in shame and go on the record saying whether they believe there are any circumstances in which it is justified to hoax cancer patients.

Angela Gallagher, who resigned and crossed the floor over this and other issues - not least the horrendous way some of these people treated her or the way her £23,000 of loans and donations was used - is as far as I know the ONLY ONE of the Christie Hospital Hoax Ten to have distanced herself from this horror story.

YES: I will put up the leaflet - and others - at some stage in the not too distance future.

Miles said...

I wasn't being nasty.
Just reminding people that pictures are copyright and that if you use someone else's without permission you could get a bill.
The other side of the coin is that many freelance photographers scraping a living see their work stolen on the web day after day after day.
The big corporations aren't daft enough to do it that often.
And they lay down conditions that make it impossible for them to be done.
For example when Virgin started their web presence they insisted that anything written in any of their channels was their copyright.
Can't remember if they backed down after protests.
The way the world works - if anyone gets done it will be a little blogger not a big company.
So be careful.
That's all I'm saying.

Chris Paul said...

Miles: Apology for utter pissiness accepted. At least you used your own name instead of sock puppeting.