Monday, November 19, 2007

Facebook Woes: First John Leech, Now Nadine Dorries

Cllr John Leech MP is still it seems Johnny No Mates facebook-wise. But Nadine has more of a problem it seems.

Nadine Dorries MP has a drivel-blog. Patronising Tory men egg on her foolish head emptying. No other MP from any party has anything that is remotely as vacuous as the witterings of the self appointed "Princess of the Blogs"..

This drivel-blog was originally developed with taxpayers' money I believe. Ms Dorries has been merrily posting pictures of her three daughters on her blog. Rather a lot in the past week or so in fact. No idea whether their father is happy with this. Or indeed with anything that Nadine gets up to. But let's not get deflected on to that subject.

Now Nads is it seems on the warpath about a Recess Monkey story which finds the eldest of those daughters with a public facebook page which is full of the word "nigga" and "nigger".

I'm really not sure it matters too much what that refers to or who said it about whom. Sorry Nadine. Many people find it offensive. Full stop.

Nadine uses her post to:

- Suggest Recess Monkey's author Alex Hilton is trying to damage someone's reputation, by pointing at a public document that that person has caused to be published themselves
- Announce that she has asked for an opinion on whether Alex's post is actionable, from Simon Smith at Schillings, the same fool lawyers that enhanced Alisher Creosotemanov's reputation so much with their advice and legal action
- Accuse Alex of writing this blog in time for which he is paid by the taxpayer, as an MP's staffer
- Accuse Alex of using parliamentary equipment for this activity (careful Nadine)
- Smear all those who work for Labour MPs
- Suggest without a scrap of argument that Alex has snooped on her youngest daughter (15) and is therefore a paedophile
And of course the classic idiocy:

Nadine Dorries' "award winning" drivel blog - which has often featured her children in words and pictures, and which can surely contribute nothing positive to her parliamentary duties - was I'm told established using tax payers money.

She has recently used that blog to defame a journalist and parliamentary colleagues over an alleged leak of a document that was in the public domain.

She has used it to call for a slashing of the University Sector, just as she takes a chair round the table at a Universities select committee.

She has in my opinion used it to boost and spread lies about and hatred of travellers and gypsies.

And she persistently uses the thing to post complete and utter drivel.

Your children's privacy has been compromised by YOU Nadine. And by THEM.

Ask Alex nicely to help you out and who knows he may well do so. Or are you just all out for publicity, whatever the cost?


Andreas Paterson said...

Can't exactly say I approve of Alex's actions, it's a little too easy to unwittingly publish your details on Facebook for the whole world to see. Nadine Jr's only crimes appear to be being Nadine's daughter (some might prefer to classify that as "punishment") and not being able to navigate the maze that is Facebook's privacy settings.

That said though, Nadine is hardly the kind of person to be dishing out the lectures. Her behavoir as a blogger has certainly been questionable, especially with the whole Ben Goldacre business.

Chris Paul said...

I agree on both Andreas.

Although I do think it behoves anyone who might be in the public eye to take special care or accept the consequences.

And certainly Nadine is way out of credit when it comes to lecturing anyone on good or proper behaviour.

Obviously Tories in general have had a right go at various family people from other parties.

Like Dorries and her eldest some of them have put themselves in the way of it e.g. Cherie to a point.

But others such as Ewan - in the line of fire said Tory idiots because dad put him on a Xmas card - and Straw's son (not as far as I know exploited) were less deserving.

Anonymous said...


Eh? Have I missed something? Even reading between the lines I find it hard to spot that.

"One word"? I hear "asshole", or "jerk". These accurately describe the original poster for the post.

Why do you hear what you hear?

Andreas Paterson said...

Hamish, try reading between this particular line..

One of them is only 15 – and if he has – there’s a word for people like you Alex.

ZinZin said...

If it goes to court, Chris, I hope they both lose.

Anonymous said...

Mark you, I rather suspect Dorries would be safe in Portsmouth o pay night !

And yes that is deliberatly sexist.

Chris Paul said...

If it goes to court they will have all lost Zin Zin.

But Hamish ALL the smears and accusations in my list are there is Dorries' post. The paedophile smear is startingly clear and you amaze me.

And she has posted THREE pictures including one or more of her daughters on her blog since Alex posted his curious observations.

I thought perhaps this was in some ill thought out deliberate defiance.

But perhaps not. Perhaps it's just ditsy Dorries.

Anonymous said...

Backed another dud story, Chris? It ain't going nowhere, sunshine. But then again, neither are you.

(Unless you have booked a flight on Flying Lion recently?)

You realise surely that Nadine is a classic "fag hag" and Dale will always defend his "harem".

Exercise your brain cell by running in the woods and painting the wildlife. You'll benefit in the long run!

Chris Paul said...

Cheers WW, your daily attention is most touching, though undoubtedly also rather tedious.

As you say so very cleverly this story ...

"Ain't going nowhere" or, unmangled, "IS GOING SOMEWHERE".

Take care.

Anonymous said...

There would be a need to prove that the statement complained about was capable of being defamatory - and that there was not defence of justification or opinion that could apply. The case could be heard with a jury or before a judge alone.

Can a comment about the content of a facebook website be defamatory? I can think of circumstances where it could - for example, if a quotation was taken out of context and presented in an unfair and prejudicial manner I can think of ways to present it to a court.

The problem with defamation law is that, except in the clearest cases, it is very difficult indeed to predict the outcome. As a result, the only winners are ...

THE LAWYERS! Yippeeeee!

PS I don't actually mean that I just thought I would put it in to amuse!

Chris Paul said...

As partner is a lawyer I'll allow myself a Yippeeeee! too. Doesn't do defamation mind. Curses!

PS Isn't it fun putting in stuff to amuse Evan!

MatGB said...

Chris. Please understand it pains me to say this, so I first have to observe that I've rarely got any time for Alex and have at times found him to be incredibly obnoxious. However, in this case?

I agree with you.

Ouch. There, said it. You're right—she's clearly mad, it's public information, and if her 15 year old had a profile publicly displaying with stuff that 'adults' shouldn't be seeing, then as a parent she fails, accusing people of 'stalking' when they're just looking at public profiles is utterly insane.

Oh, wait, "Mad Nad". I see why now. The Ben Goldacre stuff was bad enough, this is just lunacy.

Chris Paul said...

Nads as a hatter!