Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hague is Euro-Vague: "We'd Not Let Matters Rest There"

Guido shows just how all over the place the Tories are on Europe - with a pathetic silent dog whistle to UKIP and BNP isolationists - HERE.

"We would not let matters rest there" says vague Mr Hague the last tory leader but two. This is the man who when he was that leader - just seven years ago, yes, four in seven years - promised Ashcroft would come clean and come home and pay "tens of millions" of personal tax here.

Vague Hague appears to have misled us on that one. Or plans changed. Or, whatever, what he said didn't happen. What's more we still shop with pounds!

Why would anyone believe Hague in this matter either? And why is what he says will happen "not let matters rest there" so impossibly, completely, POLICY NOTHINGNESS? Low calories in any european language.


Trixy said...

How are UKIP isolationists by wanting to embrace globalisation and have free global trade?

I'm thinking you're just an ignorant little-Europer. Think before you write, poppet!

Chris Paul said...

Got me Trixy! Not. The UKIPpers I've met and heard speaking have not been impressive in their ideas on either globalisation or free global trade. Some of them have had an involvement with far right Toryism and/or BNP'ism.

Free trade is of course less favoured as it is clearly often not fair and many of us care about that, if not as much as we should.

"Little-Europer" is an interesting construct. Based presumably on Little-Englander. Which I understand "poppet" means exactly the opposite of what many people think it means.

Chris Paul said...

PS Shame there's no Trixy blog for me to check out. Trade and all that? Bit isolationary.