Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ian and Iain and Ian: Every One of Them a Wrong 'Un

That's the Mail on Sunday. Another reliable news breaking publication has a story lightly but lightly smearing Ian Blair for being flip over his officers' expenses claims.
Iain Dale reads it and thinks Ian Blair is behind it and trying to heavily but heavily smear his protege Andy Hayman. The man in charge of the Met's anti-Terror activity including the Stockwell catastrophe.

A third Ian - anarchist Bone - says bobby Hayman is bang to rights for big drinks parties, "going over the side" as they say on The Bill, and running a big tab.

This last link probably should have a veracity health warning.

Highly amusing though that Mr Bone claims a World Exclusive rather than giving a hat tip to Murdoch's Sunday Times who published the story more than 12 hours earlier.

And there's more. Top "anarchist" Bone ... moderates blog comments.

And there's even more. The very first post on Bone's Bash the Rich Blog - another exclusive with Cameron selling a house that was falling down - was in fact nicked from the Telegraph.

Bone even seems to have disabled the comment link to my post pointing that out.

PICTURE: Back in the day Andy Hayman was a-bit-ginger fuzz and irreplaceable.

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