Saturday, November 24, 2007

Leech facebook Woes Continue: MSM Say "John Who?"

LOL tried to interest a MSM Mainstream Media outlet in the John Leech No Mates facebook story. That is that Cllr John Leech MP had just two facebook friends before taking his ball back and hanging up his boots. That his Labour rival Lucy Powell in contrast is very popular. Tom meanwhile says Size is not important.

There is a Leech Must Apologise group. That is for the John Leech Christie Hospital Cancer Hoax.

It has also emerged that libdemology leadership hopeful Nick Clegg had only 11 facebook friends. With one of these a "Clegg" who specifically says they don't like him or his party. Just a surname thing. Huhne meanwhile was on a super soaraway 553.

Anyway, MSM outlet's response? Not interested. John who?


lorenzo23 said...

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM, or dimethylsulfone) is an organosulphur wonder they arn't interested.

Chris Paul said...

Apologies for my completely gratuitous TWA Lawrence. By the way I'm hearing that Cllr John Flanagan played a blinder on TescNo - including an outing in anger for his white van.

lorenzo23 said...

Like the TescNo. I can see a T-shirt with that one.

Are you making a reference to the 12 seater bus that brought all the Councillors out to Chorlton after they've driven to the Town Hall.

Reading your blog is a challenge sometimes. I don't even know Ian Dale's URL. Whatever happened to that Guido bloke who never gets a mention anymore.

As ever I'll be checking everyday. I recommend this blog and The Guardian sudoku to prevent atrophy of the brain.

wankerwatch said...

At long last a man after my own heart! (Lorenzo23, that is.)

I have great difficulty in understanding what Chris is talking about - hence my adopted nom de plume - so I am pleased that I might have a compatriot in questioning this particular blogger's relevance.

Chris Paul said...

Not the Council chara no. Among his fleet of vehicles Councillor John Flanagan has long wheel base transit - in white naturally - and it is alleged by my source that he proved empirically that deploying this carelessly in the use of the TescNo Xpress - sometime early 2009 in the run up to the general/euro is my guess for the opening ceremony - can snarl up traffic for 10 miles in all directions.

Ottey wouldn't come - as she says Town and Country Matters (and licensing) are tedious - but Hooch and Jim joined me for a site visit just 15 minutes ago. As there are double yellow lines everywhere relevant I can only assume that should he "assume the position" we'll have to be clamping and towing the Cllr's van to prevent this debacle.

Chris Paul said...


Mr GuF said...

TESCNO said...

Traders Enduring Supermarket's Continued New Openings ... though sadly no longer maintained as (almost inevitably) Big Capital has triumphed over Petit Capital.

wankerwatch said...

PS CP - GTF yourself! Or even WYSO while you SYFUYA, possibly.