Monday, November 19, 2007

Libdemologists 999 Hoaxers: Fire, Police & Ambulance

Manchester Lib Dems have a track record of time wasting hoax calls on the emergency services. Police put the knife in to a hoax leaflet and even though Chief Constable Michael Todd's own flat was burgled within weeks of his start he and his officers have repeatedly carpeted Lib Dems for bearing false witness.

Famously Cllr John Leech pounced on a false story put about by maverick doctors as a negotiation ploy and despite a firm put down for their antics Leech pretended that Christie Hospital was threatened with closure. Diabolical hoaxer Leech even put out hoax leaflets to cancer patients queuing for Chemo- and Radio- therapy.

Now Cllr Louise Baldock has caught Liverpool Lib Dems completing the set of emergency services scares with lies about Fire Stations. Even though their "leader" Warren Bradley was himself a fire fighter.

The only fires Warren has to put out these days are around Lib Dem's continuing mishandling of Liverpool Council's affairs. With his own personal shenanigans and vendettas over the Culture Company often centre stage.

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