Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lost and Found: Today it's an Office Safe in Old Moat

An amazing discovery today. Walking with the hounds to the top corner of Hough End Fields, near Princess Parkway and opposite St Bernadette's church we fall upon a Stolen Safe. Clearly an old one. And a bedraggled one. Wheeled from a burglary to a leafy glade. And cracked open. An eviscerated tabernacle.

Lying on top of it a fluttering passport. And around it part burnt papers. Postage stamps, property deeds, exam receipts, cremation certificates. A man's life scattered to the elements.

Scooping the remains up in a Tesco bag I head for Chorlton Police Station. Along the edge of Southern Cemetary and the Nell Lane Estate with the disused railway always a dumping ground. Past the Broughton Park Rugby ground and the Police sports club. A left fork along the brook, by Chorlton Park, the allotments, the garage in the ginnel.

And for the first time in 30 years in the area I step into this Tardis of a Police Station. Probably ten different officers and staff in this tiny outpost.

I hand over the swag and precisely report the location of the sorry safe. Now I have a receipt for a stolen, though cancelled and useless, passport and effects. A man's life handed over to the proper authorities.


Anonymous said...

Well done Chris

Anonymous said...

So ironic, Chris - you used a Tesco bag!

Chris Paul said...

I'm not sure whether it was a Tesco bag now I come to think of it. I just said that to amuse the crowd.

Anonymous said...

A year or so ago I found a TV remote control in the middle of my small lawn in Harpurhey.
Obvious evidence of a fleeing burglar as other people in the street were done regularly - though not me oddly.
So I poked the remote into a plastic bag - like they do on the cop shows - and took it to Harpurhey police station to be dusted for prints.
They couldn't have been more uninterested if they had been in the finals of the world being uninterested championships.
So well done for getting a receipt.
Policing in south Manchester is obviously much more proactive than up here in the frozen north.