Monday, November 12, 2007

Miranda Grell: Lib Dems Now Deny the Right of Appeal?

Right wing Libdemologist blogger, candidate and green inker Andy Mayer has posted this on the Miranda Grell case.

From my point of view Cllr Grell - who was convicted of a serious electoral offence which could lead to her being barred from office - has every right to appeal a court's decision, is exercising that right, is being backed by her employers, and also by the political party she belongs to. Also I would imagine by many local people who have found her an effective councillor and knowing her have little confidence in the evidence presented against her, or the District Judge's decision.

The stakes are very high. This is the first time this law has been applied. And an appeal seemed inevitable given the verdict.

Mr Mayer is complaining about all of this. One might imagine from his post that Lib Dems - at least the green inker right wingers among them - do not believe in the right to appeal or the possibility of wrong decisions ever being made.


Anonymous said...

Local people will also know the complainant and the witnesses on the other side. Also of shenanigans in other London boroughs and wards. Including the one where Mayer stood for Council. Why is he so manic about this?

Chris Paul said...

I think I am aware of the shenanigans to which you allude anonymous ... (though there may be more than one set of them of course!) just back from dogging on the banks, cup of tea and may get down to that. But I've a lot on and it can wait for a few days if needs be. My policy is not to get into detail until legal events are in train, or perhaps afterward.

Andy Mayer said...

An entertaining skate along the edge of reason and libel Chris.

To help your readers clarify the innuendo in the 'question' in the title of this piece, the answer is no.

If Ms. Grell has found grounds for appeal that the court has accepted; I and, although I can't speak for the party on the matter, no doubt the Liberal Democrats, would welcome her second visit to court.

Further if the Labour party wishes to spend money on her appeal rather than invest in future campaigners that stand on their merit rather than running hate campaigns that is their business. But that that is the business of any part of the Labour party, is not I feel something to celebrate.

Further I do hope you join with me in condemning the character who styled themselves 'Joanne' who was caught lying about the Grell case on Lib Dem Voice.

As someone who comments in a concerned and knowledgeable manner about 'astroturfing' I am guessing you will be particularly appalled by this turn of events. It hardly enhances the credibility of self-styled 'friends of Grell'.



Chris Paul said...

Dear Andy

"Skate along the edge of reason and libel"? Will you kindly explain that expression. Are you accusing me of libelling someone here? You that have smeared me repeatedly and knowingly for simply supporting the right to appeal? You that continue not to report the fact that Cllr Grell is protesting her innocence and appealling?

I am indeed concerned at this Joanne's careless turn of phrase and the harsh response to her mistake. I have commented on Mark's post and here on my own blog.

I'm very glad to hear at last that you support the concept of "appeal". I have been offering you lot the chance to say this for some time now. Most commenters and bloggers on your side are not with the programme in this respect.

Seems I have finally put the words together in the right order to achieve that. Apologies for taking so long to achieve that.

Best w

Chris P

Anonymous said...

So are the Lib Dems saying no account of the court case exists? They've really lost it on this one!

Chris Paul said...

They're saying that someone called Joanne is wrongly calling the notes that do exist a transcript. They're right technically. But then their magistrating expert has reported a load of twaddle at LDV anyway. Did he think it was voluntary JPs?