Thursday, November 15, 2007

Old Dale and Dorries: More Evangelical Christian Schtick

Following Dorries' ridiculous performance in trying to get religious nutters doctors some kind of priority in abortion discourse it looks like Dale's listening to similar voices among the law industry in respect of the incitement to hatred protection proposed to protect the gay community.

Unity doesn't mince words in either case.

It is quite extraordinary for a former director of BUPA - which offers abortion services - to be railing at what she calls the abortion industry. Even if she did once answer "Jesus" to a BBC question asking for her hero. Putting her in line for the same padded cell as Dr Ian Paisley (fan site) and calling for "Jesus!" in response.

Quite extraordinary too for an out gay man to be sharing a contorted position, ostensibly for free speech though far from it, with judgemental and/or homophobic bible bashers.

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