Monday, November 05, 2007

RESPECT Coalition: Delivering Victory for Conservatives

Karen Reissmann incidentally is a member of the SWP and of Respect. While anyone sacked essentially for being a Trade Unionist deserves reinstatement and solidarity the likes of this crew can make that difficult.

On 26 October Respect took 102 votes (6.5%) in a local government by-election in Harlow. This put them third, some 600 votes off the pace, claiming to be the cause of a Conservative win over Labour by 15 votes.

Apparently this is "putting down roots in Harlow". And there's more. Helping a Tory win a seat Labour have held for 40 years is it seems a great victory for "Respect Equality Socialism Peace Environment Community & Trade Unionism".


Miles said...

I agree that the Respect web page is a total disgrace.
But it is unfair to link it to Karen.
If she was a Tory-voting union rep sacked for speaking up for her members we would support her.
Wouldn't we?

Chris Paul said...

Miles - what twaddle. I state clearly that "ANYONE sacked essentially for being a Trade Unionist deserves reinstatement and solidarity". I have already answered your question.

If the last post hadn't already.

I am trying to explain to the lumpen trots that may read this blog that the carrying on elsewhere - for example in Harlow - when getting a Tory or even in at least one case a Fascist is the result of standing against Labour is seen as a victory - well that makes things difficult for Labour trade unionists and particularly for elected representatives to campaign in their official capacity alongside them on anything. Including unjust sackings.

Yesterday I was specifically challenged by a Respect official (and SWP member) and a paid p/t Union official to boot over what he considered to be the lack of support for Karen from Labour councillors.

In my opinion things like this travesty in Harlow influence that. As well as the difficulty of often being the employer, the Director say in the case of disputes at the airport etc, and in this case being involved in a partnership.

This is not what I said though. Because I know that Karen has a lot of support within the Labour Party in Manchester. And I can imagine that the industrial relations practices of the MHT have raised more than a few eyebrows.