Monday, November 26, 2007

Sajjad Karim MEP: Goes Home to the Tories III

Finally, those Libdemologists have pulled the plug on their traitor's website. Expect a long and winding dispute to now ensue over who wins the distinctive domain "". Though since when were MEPs "orgs" exactly? It will take them a little longer to destroy the cache. Perhaps they should get free speech specialists Schillings involved for that exercise?

Meanwhile the self-appointed controversialist Chris Davies reports the poll gleefully and claims he's been hit the most in the region. Saj - who has been purged from any reference apart from the ranking result - is first in the queue to be next up at the hitting thing! (Editor notes: Google hits, it's Google hits, Davies is a self-publicist of the worst kind).

Let's hope the parliamentary staff are in a good union. And despite the teasing elsewhere I'm 100% serious about that.

UPDATE Tues 11:08 and strike through 20:37: I believe the staff at the link above are not affected but that leading Lib Dem organiser John Dave Smithson has been laid off. UPDATE: And other staff. And desks cleared stealthily. See comment. John Smithson is indeed a senior Lib Dem organiser with a facebook fan club.


Anonymous said...

It's Dave Smithson. he and other staff were sacked by text message yesterday morning. On Sunday Karim organised a van to literally empty everything from the office - including some personal possessions belonging to staff. So theft as well then!

Chris Paul said...

I see Sajj still has one Smithson as a facebook friend? And John is presumably related?