Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tory Thieving: Let's Comprehensivise Co-operatively

Political Penguin adds to the clamour outing Cameron for shoplifting Labour and Co-operative ideas with quite a run down of the "Conservative" thoughts based on the famously "Conservative" Spain and Sweden examples of school co-operativisation. The ones already cited in various Labour Government material - some published and, Political Penguin dares suggest, raided by thieving Tories.

What's this? Our fine feathered friend suggests applying the logic to ALL schools:

If you want to be really radical, instead of just proposing that parents can take over the local LEA run school, how about extending it to all schools? If the parents of the local Grammar or private school feel their kids would be better served by cooperatising the school then surely you’d be in favour of enabling them to do so? It is parent choice after all that’s the determining factor here? Nah, didn’t think so.

Perhaps I'll take a proper read of those Johnson/Balls documents.

After all I don't support a Hospital by Hospital co-operatisation under the bitter pill of the Foundation Hospital. I'd rather have universal high quality than illusory choice at the margins and the so-called postcode lottery.

It could be attractive if all parents or future parents in a catchment area for a cluster of existing schools - as opposed to those lucky or rich enough to have children in a particular school or feeder - could form a consumer co-operative for all those schools. An accountable local agency - such as a Council, why not a Council? - could then be responsible for delivery.

Sitting where I am over a three miles radius I'd be able to co-operatise a cluster including inter alia Manchester Grammar School, Manchester HS for Girls, Withington Girls, St Bede's College and a good Islamic High School. Let's do it! Let's go fully comprehensive! Co-operatively! Now!

News of Penguin's roast Cameron was at Tom Watson's.

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