Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Westmonster: Live Blogging the Queen's Speech

Westmonster Sadie is live blogging the Queen's Speech so we don't have to. Refresh frequently for wit and wisdom. 11:44: Or just look at your watch and shout: "Eight Minutes? We was robbed!" (This is on standardised Westmonster mean time now).


Westmonster said...

Heh - sorry about that one. I'd forgotten how our Wonderful Sovereign cracked through it in order that she could get back in time for a light lunch.

My fingers ain't fast enough, I tells ye.

Chris Paul said...

Faster than mine. On my dodgy clock it seemed to be six minutes from your start time (I didn't look, distracted by [s]man[/s] feisty marxist comrade in tights and all that) to my finish time. But using the no doubt quartz-cryptonite fuelled timings it's an eight.