Thursday, December 20, 2007

BNP Unity: Richard Barnpot Becomes Balletomane

What a coincidence. As Miss Unity Mitford begins her stalking of Herr Adolf Hitler we learn from the Guardian that ballerina Ms Simone Clarke has forsaken her long term partner Yat-Sen Chang, the father of her daughter ... for Herr Richard Barnbrook.

The Guardian's excreable series of advertising features for the BNP get the credit:

"We were there to support her after the Guardian's investigation, so ironically the paper brought us together."

Said tricky Dicky, leader of the master race in Barking and Dagenham where there are a full complement of 12 disciples on the local council.

Unity Valkyrie Mitford, was born and named in the Canuck village of Swastika, performed an excruciatingly slow suicide, dying nine years after shooting herself in the head with the "harlot's gun" Hitler gave her as a life preserver.

Clarke I'd say needs Barmcake like a hole in the head:

"I'm not opposed to mixed marriages," said Barnpot back in January, "but their children are washing out the identity of this country's indigenous people". Now he says, with Simone's youngster to consider, that this objection was "educational" (sic). By which he may mean "academic".

And no Hitler was not the baby father, in fact there was no baby in that other tale, asserts a sprightly Jeffrey Archer (b May 1940) with a splendid click of the heels.


septicisle said...

What I find fascinating is what would happen to the child if the BNP got in power, considering they wish to kindly help repatriate all those not of indigenous stock.

Chris Paul said...

What, repatriate Lord Archer to the 'English Garden' in Munich? Even if it is not he the "child" is now 67 years old.

Anonymous said...

More recently Barnbrook appears to have modified and moderated his views on children of mixed-race. It seems that when go from the abstract to the personal views soften.