Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dave and Samantha: Ambulance Crew Get Bums' Rush

Do you know what? I am appalled to read this story in the Daily Mirror. Have they no respect for their betters, these commie red tops? Apparently Dave and Sam organised a bit of a do, hustled great unwashed lower orders away, didn't invite lumpen middle orders at all, but partied to the rafters with champagne charlies. Fair enough. It's their party. They can slight who they want to.

Only kidding! Incredible. Cameron's salt-of-the-earth heroes treated as zeroes. And we thought Lord Ashcroft's latest private equity executive toy the Tory Party had gone all cuddly and one nation again?

Pictures of Doreen and Jack Ingham (above) as they appeared in a Mail on Sunday scoop/Tory stunt one month ago and (right) Dave riding shotgun. He built a speech round them in 2006, a year later used them (and his disabled son) for this story, and a month on tipped them out before other guests. Hat tip: Sadie Westmonster.


Anonymous said...

So he took the time to invite this couple to his home away from the glare of cameras.

And this couple kicked him in the teeth because they didn't get to stay for their dinner.

This couple are obviously Labour voters and saw a chance to make a point and make a few bob out of their story aswell.

I'm embaressed for them especially when you consider the likelihood of Gordon Brown ever doing something for his community like that.

Chris Paul said...

What are you on about anonymous troll?

David Cameron has used this pair twice, nay thrice. Bigging them up in a speech and again in a photo call to attack the government. He then invites them to a celebration/closure party and they feel badly treated as he has other guests who get a better deal as they are toffs.

Seems pretty telling to me. You think he's given them any reason to be loyal?

Etiquette tip: Engineering a two stage party is easier when the scruffs and the riff raff are invited to join later than to leave early. Then we are grateful.

The Labour voter thing may or may not be right. They've cooperated in right wing press attacks on the government don't forget. So you're probably wrong there. Some working class tories with scales dropping from their eyes is my guess, and yes a couple of grand in the bank perhaps.

Your closing point about Brown is ridiculous and utterly ignorant.

Ted Foan said...

You are getting even sicker and desperate, Chris.

For such a top blogger as yourself, it's pathetic you have to descend to this level.

Link to some real stories if you want to make an impact.

Anonymous said...

If your blog breathed it would be an oxygen thief.

I'm embaressed for you tbh.

Chris Paul said...

Where is the argument that this story is not worth covering Diablo? Seems pretty telling to me. Smart (??) one liners with no substance. You can do better.

Cameron (and Coulson?) used these people's story when it suited him and apart from some very clumsy catering arrangements they say he told them that he had known they were for the chop three years before it happened. But he didn't advise them of that.

Perhaps there is some better explanation, but if so let's hear it.

Why did Dave invite them to a party he was going to chuck them out of at half time?

Isn't that clumsy?

Why did Dave not tell them, or see to it that they found out that their jobs were toast?

I do think it is telling. And because Dave used these people as media props he has brought the coverage on himself.